3 Free Things In Singapore You Never Knew It Existed

Are you living and working in Singapore? If you are, Congratulations!

For 5 consecutive years, Singapore is rated as the most expensive city in the world!

This means, if you are a working class person in Singapore, chances are that you could be living a pretty hard life.

The cost of living in Singapore is getting higher as the years go by.

A bowl of noodles in a hawker centre would probably cost $3. Now, the same bowl would cost you $4!

However, Singapore is not all that bad. There are still some essential things that is quite unique to the country and most importantly, it is FREE!

If you only have very little time to spare, you would be better off knowing point 3, which is probably the best free thing in Singapore.

1. Clean Air

While it my seem like a universal basic to anyone, clean and breathable air is a necessity for proper living.

As crazy and weird as it may sound, clean air is actually FREE in Singapore.

It would be hard to digest that other cities such as Shanghai or Beijing, clean air is in fact hard to come by.

You can only enjoy clean air in the premises of a luxury hotel or shopping malls. This means, you are in fact “paying” for clean air.

2. Drinkable Water

Being a private-hire-car driver is all the rage these days, with huge companies such as Grab, Uber, Lyft and many more out there. The demand is always growing as more and more Malaysians are beginning to see the potent earning potential!

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3. Free Property

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