3 Robots That Robots Help In Your Daily Lives

3 Robots That Help In Your Daily Life

With robots increasing in importance at work, it is no doubt that the same robots would also help us in our daily lives as well, saving time, becoming more efficient, or at times, earning some money for you as well! We look through some robots that is helping many individuals.


1. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Gone are the days where you would need to work as hard to keep your home neat and clean. You may have probably seen this new product in department stores, and its beginning to overtake majority of households as a necessity.

The robot vacuum cleaner, as the name suggest is a robot that has an in-built sensory system that allows it to automatically “self-drive” itself around the house, detects obstacles, walls and vacuum almost everything in its path.

In some of the products, when the robot vacuum cleaner is low in battery, it can even “drive” itself to its charging port to charge itself back to full battery.


2. Google Home

One of Google’s latest product, Google Home, was first introduced in May 2016, and soon after, rolled out globally by 2017.

Google Home?is a brand of smart speakers that is allows users to command through “voice” through Google’s intelligent personal assistant called Google Assistant. It allows many products and services both in-house and third-party providers to integrate with the Google Home.

Users can listen to music, playback of videos and photos and even receive news information all by voice. It can even now allow users to use it as a central hub for all home smart devices.


This allows users to control all their smart devices at home, using just their Google Home device. With more features and functionality, many people are now looking forward to see how Google Home may further improve in due time, making the routine tasks at home much easier than before.


3. Trading Robot

This trading robot has long helped many finance professionals. This system like any other robot automates alot of their trading process, helping these professionals to prevent losses and maximize their investment returns.

However, not widely know yet, more ordinary people in Malaysia are using this same Trading Robot to trade and make money from home. Just with any new technology and robots, many people are not very sure about how good this product it.

But, for the first time, this robot would be shared by this industry veteran which has a wealth of experience in training and helping many individuals to make their trading journey much more easier than before.



So, how can the average person like you benefit from this Trading Robot?

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