Does THIS Sound Like Your Neighbour?

Living in a HDB but driving a BMW?

Wears simple clothing but cannot hide the gold rings and diamond earrings?

Spot them eating Hai Di Lao every other week?

Sound familiar yet? Do you have neighbours like this?

Then maybe they?re not telling you everything?here are:

3 Wealth Secrets Your ?Humble? Neighbour Is Not Telling You


1. Stocks

Most people are investing nowadays.

But they tell you not to go into it, and try to convince you that it is very dangerous.

While they are constantly building their portfolios and growing their money!

Of course they are not wrong, if you don?t know what you are doing?it can be dangerous.

But what your neighbours don?t tell you is that they have found a way to do it with constant profits!!

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2. Bazi

The relatively lesser known relative of Fengshui.

Your neighbour might not want to admit that they paid someone to unravel their life?s destiny and point them in the right direction.

But when it is actually working and things are only getting better and better for them?you might even want to consider it yourself!

Just by using your date of birth AND your time of birth, your direction in life can actually be revealed!

Of course, not just anyone that sets up a table in Chinatown can be considered qualified.

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3. Cryptocurrency


The new handsome kid at school that drives a flashy Lamborghini – that?s what Cryptocurrency is in the world of investments.

At first everyone doubted his character, but he showed everyone his winning personality and now everyone can?t wait to be his friend.

We?ve all heard the big doubters: big banks, major investment firms denouncing Cryptocurrency as a scam.

But now they are all scrambling to buy into this huge and lucrative industry.

Has your neighbour caught on to this trend? Do they have a secret Crypto-stash they?re not telling you about?

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