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Hello there!

My name is Marcus Lau.

I’ve been trading for over 10 years.

I started trading because I felt that I had pretty much reached a dead end in my career and that my salary had more or less stagnated.

Even if you’re comfortable in your job now, it doesn’t hurt to make more money … because in these uncertain times, who really knows what will happen?

I’m sure you agree too that we can benefit from an additional source of income.

I found it in trading, which is as lucrative as most people say it is.

What most people don’t tell you about, however, is how much time and effort you need to put into learning how to trade before you can really rely on it for consistent profits.

I mastered trading the hard way … spending huge amounts of time to understand and study sophisticated market data, crunching all those complex information into my calculator until the buttons came off and fighting off anger and greed so that I didn’t trade blindly out of revenge after I just lost another trade.

Fact is … these factors got the better of me and I struggled at the start.

So when people ask me how to trade or for advice, I was hesitant to recommend them trading.

That Is, Until ...

I came together with a few other full-time traders and co-founded eSmart Profits.

I call this system the ‘Twin Pillars to Trading’ because it allows you to earn like a pro while learning how to be a pro … all at the same time!

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you’re learning how to invest.

You see billionaires such as Warren Buffett, George Soros and Jim Rogers already making a killing in the market, so why not just follow what they’re doing?

You could, but every investor is bound by a different characteristic, behaviour, habit and limit. What you really want to do is devise your own investing plan that suits your strengths.

But this takes time and won’t reap you profits immediately.

Imagine if you could copy (yes, copy!) the actions of these successful investors while also formulating your own perfect plan in the meantime so that you can eventually maximise your profits.

This two-pronged approach is quite possibly the quickest, the most idiot-proof and the most reliable way to build up a tsunami of trading wealth!

How Do You Do It?

We have created a platform to make things extremely simple for you.

Armed with the latest algorithmic trading technologies, our platform automatically crunches through complex market data and runs complicated calculations in the background so that you don’t have to.

All you need to do is click on the ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ button to transform the information into profits!

As you’re clicking, so are thousands of other traders from all over the world who are already signed up on our platform.

Inevitably, there’re going to be some who are bigger winners than the others.

You’ll get to see their results. Full transparency: their profits, their trade history, their winning percentages … well, everything.

Spot a successful trader that you like? Go on, click the ‘copy’ button, sit back, go about your day and wait to cash in - massively.

It’s unbelievably simple - and we're going to prove it to you at our exclusive LIVE demo!


Meet The Team Behind eSmart Profits

Mr. Marcus Lau
Co-Founder of eSmart Profits, Full-Time Trader

Mr. Lau co-founded eSmart Profits so that everyone can enjoy the financial benefits of trading without the fear of making unnecessary beginner mistakes. Since 2006, he has held steadfast to this mission, introducing the concept of semi-auto trading to over 2,000 eager traders, including Wall Street traders, from all over the world. Today, he can be found further fine-tuning his program, so he can empower the financial growth of even more individuals.

Mr. Low Ji Teng
Trainer, Full-Time Trader

A trader since 19, Mr. Low used his profits from the financial markets to pay off his university tuition fees in full and live debt-free within just 3 months after graduation. He firmly believes that learning how to trade is the best form of postgraduate education. Today, he splits his money between investing in his business and saving for his marriage and flat. He hopes to inspire as many people as possible to achieve their own financial freedom through trading.

Mr. Ang Kar Yong
Trainer, Full-Time Trader

Mr. Ang started trading with just a humble US$500 when he was only 20, but within 2 years, he had turned it into US$13,000 (representing an over 2000% profit margin!). Owing to his success, he was featured on Singapore’s Channel NewsAsia’s Money Mind: Young Investors. He was also recognised as a Social Guru on the eToro social trading platform for leading thousands of traders through difficult market conditions.

What Can You Expect At The LIVE Demo?

  • How to generate the superior results of professional, full-time trading with the minimum time and effort of amaetur, part-time training.
  • How to profit quickly and safely with our proprietary technology and methods.
  • How to minimise risks by having greater control over your trades.
  • How to trade logically, without emotions clouding your judgment.
  • How to start trading with confidence using a live-funded account (and NOT a meaningless demo account) in just 3 days!
  • How to build a reliable additional income stream that will survive the worst economic crises.
  • How to make money even when you’re asleep!
  • And most importantly, how to leverage on the winnings of verified expert traders and make their successes your own with just a click of a mouse!

What Our Students Are Saying About Our System

"... first and only system to give you immediate results!"

The trade copying system is really great, especially when supported by a very well-designed platform that embodies the best trading practices from Marcus's deep experience and analysis.

The copying of various master traders also helps to diversify trades across many strategies and time frames.

As you know, I've attended several trading seminars, but I've never once achieved the results that I now get from your system. This is really the first and only system that gives you immediate results!

I strongly recommend this to all the traders out there, especially if you're like me, where time is always a limiting factor.

- Kai Meng, Business Executive

"... customised trading strategies designed for traders who are still learning."

I was always concerned with my future after school.

I was a year 1 student when I met Marcus during his visit to Hong Kong in 2013. I didn't know him beforehand as it was a friend from Singapore who introduced us over WhatsApp.

Over a dinner, he shared with me the concept of eSmart Profits and the various customised trading strategies designed for traders who are still learning.

I was so glad that I made a decision the next day to open a trading account using their system.

Not only can I generate extra income, Marcus showed me the ways to become a master trader as a profession after graduation.

- Nathan Lau, Final-Year University Student

"... getting results like professional traders."

Recently, I attended a trading workshop, where I met Marcus.

I never thought I could get immediate results after learning how to trade on the system by Marcus.

But I earned almost 2% in just 1 month without risking much!

I was actually struggling to even draw basic trading charts, but I'm now getting results like professional traders.

- Nui, Beauty Salon Owner

"... leverage on technology and professional traders  ... indicators are like 'cheat codes' that make everything so simple and easy to execute."

The system is very useful as I've gotten lots of practical information from it. In fact, I was wow-ed by how much I didn't know about trading ... how I can leverage on technology and professional traders who do this for a living!

Plus, the system is taught almost like a 'game', and the indicators are like 'cheat codes' that make everything so simple and easy to execute.

It's really amazing how this system can be applied to various financial instruments from commodities to indices to precious metals to CFDs.

- Lin Zi Jie, Engineer

Still Hesitating?

If you’ve read this far, you CLEARLY want to know how to trade like a pro without being a pro.

eSmart Profits, built upon the rock-solid research and experience of veteran full-time traders who have been dabbling in the financial markets for over 30 years combined, is the exact system for you.

Every element of the platform has been precisely engineered and designed to help you start trading quickly, easily and safely for reliable profits.

Because we believe you deserve to choose how you want to make your money, we give you the tools and settings to let you customise your own trades or copy the trades of the most successful traders (which are personally verified by us!).

Your choice, but we recommend you to do both, so you can earn as you learn.

Even if you don’t believe that our system could be so good, don’t you owe it to yourself to at least come down and see our LIVE demo?

We would like to stress that this is an exclusive demo, so you won’t get to see it anywhere else. And we only show the demo to just a few people each time.

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