Every Successful Stock Trader Must Know The Answers To These 3 Burning Questions!

I met my former classmate over the weekend. As I hadn?t seen him for many years, I wasn?t surprised when he asked me what I?m doing for a living.

I told him that I?m a stock trader – and he immediately jumped in with this reply: ?But isn?t it risky??

I had to spend the next few minutes explaining to him that stock trading is only risky if ? you don?t know what you?re doing, and are blindly following others.

The conversation made me realise that many Malaysians still have the misconception that you?re gambling with your money when you?re trading in the stock market. The thing is ? you aren?t.

You see, I believe in systematic trading. This allows me to calculate my actions in the stock market and ensure that I make off with profits.

So what exactly is systematic trading, you might ask? Well, it?s the ability to answer these 3 key questions below.

#1. Which stock should you buy?


It?s not uncommon to see people spend hours – or even days – staring at a computer screen in hopes of spotting trends in the charts.

But ? is there even any trend to begin with?

In stock trading, we aim to make a profit from the quick-fire buying and selling of stocks, so factors that might actually signal a trend such as a company?s overall performance and its general value don?t affect us.

Instead, the trading public ?votes? for the short-term value of a company, which is what we look at in stock trading.

This means a company?s stock price can jump wildly between the high and the low, making trendspotting useless.

Fortunately, with systematic trading, you can build a buy list of profitable stocks in just 10 minutes!

#2.?When do you buy or sell a stock?

So ? you?ve identified the stocks that will give you profits.

Do you hit the ?buy? button now – or later? And after you actually hit the ?buy? button, how long before you slam on the ?sell? button?

This dilemma can create a pretty tense – and equally confusing – scenario even for experienced traders.

The consequence? We let our emotions take control and act rashly, resulting in regretful self-blame like ?

?I should have bought earlier!?, ?I should have held onto it longer!? and ?I should have sold it sooner!?.

The goal of systematic trading is to turn the ?should have? into ?I did it!?. Let?s make decisions without any uncertainty.

#3.?How much do you buy or sell a stock?

Buying or selling the right stock at the right time will guarantee you profits ?

? but buying or selling at also the right price will mean the difference between trading as a hobby and trading as a way to eventually build up a powerful passive income that pays for your monthly expenses – without you needing to spend a single cent of your salary.

Enjoy peace of mind that you will never overpay for a stock again with systematic trading, not to mention achieving maximum profits in the process.

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