How Can A Bankrupt Man Own More Than 100 Properties?

Hi, I?m Jerome Tan and yes, I was a bankrupt. Can you imagine what life was like as a bankrupt? It was hard, but it was the best thing that happened to me. Don?t believe me? Let me share with you why? The Young Life After graduating with an O?Level Certificate at 17, I went straight to work. I took odd jobs and saved all my money. Then, I went [...]

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Contentment And Happiness: Essential Keys Of Leading A Fulfilling Life

Everybody is unique in their own way. They all have their individuality which makes them different from everybody else. Their wants, wishes and desires differ from [...]

How To Make Time For Your Loved Ones & Achieve Work Life Balance

Nowadays everybody?s lives are wrapped in schedules and meetings. Everybody is busy.? Rarely does anybody manage to make any time for themselves and their loved [...]

Simple Ways To Increase Passive Income As An Employee

As an employee at a regular 9 to 5 job, the opportunities for income stem primarily from your job. You dedicate a third of your weekdays to your company and that pays [...]

How To Stretch Your Weekend As Though It’s A Long Holiday

2016 was the absolute worst, wouldn?t you agree? While it was in a bad year in general for everyone, even the weekends seemed to go away fast while the weekdays [...]

7 Interesting Christmas Present Ideas That Are Also Pocket-Friendly

This Christmas season could be stressful due to many reasons, starting from a bulging to-do list to a costly budget. You may be caught in the dilemma of choosing the perfect [...]

Top 5 of the best luxury hotels in Singapore

Singapore houses internationally renowned names when it comes to luxury offerings. There are few names in the list which you may not even realize. You would not be [...]

How to Create a Blog That People Enjoy Reading

Blogging is the new sensation on social media where one is free to express themselves to the world. You share your opinions by regularly updating the content on your site [...]

5 easy exercises that you can do in the office

Life of people who spend hours glued their computer at workplace is not easy. Sitting entire day puts one at the risk of developing back pain, obesity, leg cramps, poor [...]

5 easy ways to prepare yourself for retirement

Having a fulfilling and happy retirement does not mean the same to everybody. One would want to transform a full-time career into a part time work. Few would envision spending [...]

What Happens To Your Body When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

Most of the times, deprivation of sleep often leads to fatal accidents as well as mental mistakes. People, who are deprived of sleep on a persistent basis, are more likely to [...]