Here’s What Singaporeans Should Do To Overcome The Rising Cost Of Living


Singapore once again has retained its title as one of the most expensive city. The cost of living in Singapore is rather high. Although some Singaporeans have enough income to pay their bills and mortgage loans, it may not be enough to finance a comfortable retirement.

So how can Singaporeans be able to earn extra income in order to lead a carefree life? The solution could be creating a passive income stream.

What is passive income?

Passive income is a form of income when you put in the one-time effort, and you received income on a regular basis with little effort required to maintain it.
However, many people are not taught to earn passive income. All of us know how to get a job to make money, but that?s active income. When you stop working, you stop earning!

How should you describe passive income?

– It should not take up too much of your time
– It should not require too much effort
– It should not embark on a whole new business

With these, you can choose to build your passive income by doing an online business, anytime anywhere.

Why should you start an online business?

One of the reason will be the cost. The cost of starting an online business is low as to compare the price of starting any business in Singapore.
You can work anywhere you want, as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection. Which means even when you are on holiday, you can be able to check how much you have made online.
You have more flexibility of your time. You can choose what time of the day and how many hours you want to work.

And now, here’s the question:

Do you want to start making real passive income out of your day job?

Do you want to make real passive income, using only 1 hour a day?

Do you want to learn how you can start right away?

Here?s the good news.

You can get started right away without any technical experience, or any knowledge.?

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