What Does These Companies Have In Common?

What Does These Companies Have In Common??

Microsoft, Google is one of the biggest companies in the world. Telegram, is an up and coming startup that is gaining ground from an increasing user base around the world. At first glance, all 3 companies are mainly in the technology industry… These companies have been turning heads around the world with their investments in this new industry.

1. Microsoft

Microsoft is well-known to many people around the world. You could also be using a Windows computer to read this article.

As big as Microsoft is, however, not many people know of this little-known fact: Microsoft has been an early adopter of E-currency.

Since 2014, Microsoft has been accepting E-currencies as payment for some of its digital services and in-stores. This shows the company’s confidence in such “relatively new” kind of currency as a form of payment.?

2. Google

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is a big investor of Blockchain, the technology behind E-currencies.

Even one of the world’s biggest companies shows great confidence in this new investment product.

Alphabet has invested in numerous companies related to E-currency, with approximately 6 investments till date.

This shows clearly their confidence that Blockchain and E-currencies will be a mainstay in the fabric of business and the financial markets.


3. Telegram (messaging application)

Telegram, is a popular messaging application, similar to the more commonly known Whatsapp. Telegram has recently raised?US$1.7 billion from its?Initial Coin Offering(ICO) which is similar to that of Initial Public Offering for stocks.

This is in fact the largest ICO to date, and what’s more staggering, Telegram may not be done yet.

So, how can the average person like you benefit from this financial craze?

Here?s the good news:?You can also take advantage from this craze as well. Best of all, you do not require alot of money to get started and make profits.

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