You Will Never Get Retrenched From These 3 Jobs

Remember the 1997 Asian financial crisis? Or the 2001 Dot-Com bubble burst? Or the 2008 global financial crisis? If life has taught us anything, it?s that a recession can hit every so often. And when it does hit, your job can become as fragile as a piece of glass. Well ? unless you?re holding these occupations.

Want to protect yourself against the recession? Below are some career choices you can look into (we promise we won?t ask you to sign on!).

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1. Teacher

Do you enjoy getting dozens of screaming kids to listen to you? Sure you don?t – because that?d be like navigating a laser fence while you?re still half-awake. In a word, impossible. But on the off chance that you really do enjoy torturing yourself, you?re in luck – well, because people who are (not) ordinary are usually in demand.

If you can?t handle so many children at once, then consider being a private tutor. We heard taking money off kiasu parents who can?t wait to make their kids the next super ?Straight-A? student can be quite lucrative.

2. Doctor

You?re the glorious giver of MCs. Like kopi and air-con, MCs are part and parcel of everyday life. Each MC also costs anywhere from tens of dollars to over a hundred, so apart from having a rock-solid career that will never go out of fashion, you can have a near limitless access to money.

The process to become a doctor, however, isn?t a bed of roses. University programmes that give you the qualifications to be a doctor are notorious for being difficult to get in and one of the longest in terms of duration.

Don?t want to commit so much? You can be a …

3. eBook Publisher & Seller

The keywords here are ?publisher? and ?seller?. Those are literally the only things you need to do, so unlike most professions, you don?t need a whole lot of skill or qualifications to become successful.

Specifically, you want to sell your eBooks on Amazon. The world?s largest marketplace has a ready-made platform where you can list your eBooks, eliminating the need to create a website. To add to that, it manages your eBooks, sources for potential customers and handles customers? enquiries on your behalf, all of which save you tons of hassle and time.

You don?t even need to create the eBooks yourself. This means if you want to sell an eBook on fitness, you don’t need to be an expert on health. Likewise, you won?t need a degree in medicine to write a book about well ? medicine.

eBook sales have also beaten expectations in the face of recession, with them still set to rise in the coming years as Amazon expands into more markets. One reason for this is because anybody from anywhere can buy your eBook, so rest assured there?s no shortage of potential customers.

P.S.?Stay tuned to learn more about how you can start an eBook business on Amazon and begin generating additional income.