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The 3 Pillars To Helping Your Child Get A Genius IQ

Parents who are stressed over their child’s upcoming PSLE are dying to know this...

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I know what you are thinking.

To get your child to become smarter, all you need to do is make him study more, right?

As a former MOE teacher and a mother to two teenage children myself, I wish it was this simple.

But the truth is … there is so much more than just studying to get a Genius IQ.

How do I know?

For years, I taught in schools all over Singapore.

I saw many types of students. There were students who scored over 90 marks for their exams - and then there were students who failed (or even got a BIG FAT 0!).

Surprisingly, these two groups of students actually had something in common.

Both groups of students had tuition and did assessment books, and I taught them both the same way.

So WHY did one group do well while the other group didn’t?

Curious, I did some research. I talked heart-to-heart with both groups of students - and yes, I met their parents.

What I discovered shocked me. I realised that studying a lot is not entirely the reason why top students score.

In fact, every child is already smart. The challenge now is to prevent each child from underachieving or failing and help him realise his full potential.

So I came up with the 3 Pillars To Genius IQ.

Exam Strategies: Don’t just study hard - study smart too! Your child’s memory is one of his most important allies during exams, so my priority is to boost it.

Positive Parenting: Become more than a parent to your child - become his friend! Communicate regularly with your child and readily provide words of encouragement.

Nutrition: Don’t just eat to enjoy - eat with a purpose! Give your child an unfair advantage over his peers with super ‘brain foods’.

Once you master these key ideas, your child will be automatically focused and motivated to study and pass PSLE with flying colours!

If you like what I have shared so far, then you need to attend my FREE 'Genius IQ' seminar.

Because I have MORE for you. Because I’m going to dive into more details about how you can make your child an ‘A’ student.

"Play a lot, study little, but get good results!" - Judy, Elijah's mother

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About Me

Oh Wait!

I can’t actually reveal my name and photo because other teachers may come after me and accuse me of ‘spoiling market’ with my one-of-a-kind techniques!

But what I can reveal is that I am an ex MOE teacher and a mother to two teenage children.

For the past 17 years, I have been empowering parents from all over the world with strategies and skills to make their children get a Genius IQ.

To date, I have shared my knowledge with over 6,000 parents and students in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Kuwait and even China.

Huge International Presence!

In 2015, I was invited to speak at the United Nations HQ in New York City. I also spoke at the Business Expert Forum at Harvard Business School in 2016.

Closer to home, I have spoken at National Junior College, NUS, the Prime Minister’s Office Singapore and various education conventions.

I am also the author of the #1 bestselling book on Amazon 'Amazing Grades! 101 Best Ways To Improve Your Grades Faster'.

Widely Featured In The Media!

You may have come across my articles on national newspapers, where I regularly share tips on how students can do well in school.

The success stories of my students are also frequently reported in the newspapers.

As a former teacher and a parent myself, I recognise that getting a Genius IQ not just about studying a lot, but also about practising sound exam strategies, parenting positively and eating the right foods.

It’s all happening at my FREE ‘Genius IQ’ seminar.

"I learnt a lot, from the picture technique to the mind-mapping technique." - Terence, Callista's father

"... will be useful for my kid's progress into the future."

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What Will You Learn In This Free Seminar

  • 5 Top Secrets and Shocking Truths Why Smart Students Fail Or Underachieve In School (That Even Teachers In School Don’t Know About!)
  • Simple Steps to Help Your Children Overcome Low Self-Esteem From Failing Or Underachieving In School
  • 12 Must-Know Power Techniques That Can Help Turn Your Children’s Marks Around
  • 6 Different Ways Your Children Can Tap Into Their Brains’ Full Genius Potential
  • Top 3 Brain-Booster Foods To Turbocharge Your Children’s Brains, So They Will Be More Alert And Focused In Their Studies And Exams!
  • 2 Magic Formulas To Immediately Turn Your Children Around To Be Motivated, More Confident And Eager To Study
  • ONE Skill That Can Help Your Children Do Well In ANY Economy


  • Sit In With Your Children During The Session To See For Yourself On-The-Spot Results (My Programme Is the FIRST To Offer This!)
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What My Participants Have To Say

"This will be a life-changing experience for both you and your child."
- Wendy, Wen Jing's mother


"I learnt a lot, from the picture technique to the mind-mapping technique. I believe those information will be very useful for my kid's progress into the future, so I encourage you to come for 'Genius IQ' and be trained like me."

Terence Ong

“An awesome learning journey with 'Genius IQ'. A time to reflect and be inspired to be a better parent. A workshop not to be missed. A must for every parent who truly care and love their children!”

Charis Chua Wei Leng

“ I think it's very important. A child's life can be affected if parents do not realise certain 'dos' & 'don'ts'. I highly recommend all parents to attend this workshop for I have benefited from it. Really an eye-opener.”

Cindy Ho

17 Years Of Transforming Lives

I founded the ‘Genius IQ’ programme in 2000 to help children unleash their full potential in school.

The strategies and skills taught in this programme have empowered the lives of over 6,000 students across countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Kuwait and China. Your child is next.

Learn the proven strategies that will FINALLY get your child to be automatically focused and motivated to study and pass PSLE with flying colours!

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