3 Proven Ways To Huat This Year

How is your luck this year? It may be good, may be bad. But it doesn?t matter. What?s more important is for the rest of the year in 2018!

If 2018 has not been a good and lucky year for you, there are ways to boost your luck for the rest of 2018 to achieve financial breakthroughs and become wealthy and prosperous!

Here are 3 proven ways that people are using to HUAT in their lives.

1. Rear Arowana Fish

Arowana Fish, or what the Chinese calls, ??? (Golden Dragon Fish), is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to its owners. It is loved by many rich businessmen and millionaires because of its bright colour and coin-like scales.

Arowana is reared in large aquariums with great care and maintenance. An Arowana fish can cost from few hundred dollars (common ones) to hundreds of thousands of dollars (rare species).

The world record price for an Arowana Fish is $300,000, rumoured sold to a high-ranking official in China.

2. Visit Shrine in Japan

If you are down on luck, visiting shrines in Japan can be a good remedy. Japan is known for its shrines, and one of the most popular shrines is Kanda Myojin in Tokyo.

Built in 730, the Kanda Myojin Shrine is very popular among businessmen and companies. The enshrined deities here are Onamuchi no Mikoto (God of Marriage), Sukunahiko no Mikoto (God of Prosperous Business), and Taira no Masakado no Mikoto (God of Good Luck).

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Japanese workers and top executives visit the shrine to pray for good luck. If you need a boost in luck, visit the shrine too!


3. Be A Financial Trader And Profit From The Financial Market

In the past few years, there?s a growing number of Malaysians trading the financial markets
and making good income from home, because it can be profitable, and can be done on the laptop or mobile apps.

Financial trading is not new, but most people didn?t start is because of the stress that they need to read market news or study market charts.

They are right, but with advanced technology today, people can trade the financial markets without reading all those complicated charts or numbers.

There are powerful softwares and systems?which allow ordinary people with no financial background to start trading profitably, using little time a day. That?s why making money trading from home is getting more popular.

Now, if you are still reading, you may be interested to learn how to leverage technology to create an income from home, by trading the financial markets? but

  • You don?t know anything about financial trading
  • You don?t know where to start
  • You don?t have any experience

Don?t worry, here?s the good news!

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