3 Reasons Why Property Investing In A Group Is Better Than Doing It Alone

I met my former classmate over the weekend. As I?ve not seen him for many years, I was not surprised when he asked me what I?m doing for a living.

I told him that I?m a property investor – and he immediately jumped in with this reply: ?So you?re rich!?

I had to spend the next few minutes explaining to him that I was just an ordinary working-class Singaporean ? and that I was actually down to my last few thousands in my bank account when I started property investing!

This conversation made me realise that many Singaporeans still have the misconception that you need to be rich before dabbling in the property market. You don?t.

You see, I believe in investing in a group, NOT alone. This is a principle that has stuck with me throughout my years in the industry.

Here are 3 key reasons why you should invest in a group.

1. Massive bulk discounts

I?m sure you?ve heard of Groupon, a discount site that unlocks its promotions once enough customers buy into a deal.

Likewise, property developers usually offer massive bulk discounts when the whole building and the multiple units within it are sold off in a single purchase.

Of course, a whole building is too expensive to purchase on your own, but split the cost between a few people and suddenly, you don?t need to be rich to be a property owner!

2. Gain a headstart in your investment decisions and portfolio

Risks are unavoidable in property investment. The trick, therefore, is in learning from mistakes and minimising wrong decisions.

Coming together with other property investors, I was able to benefit from the knowledge and tips shared between all members – young and old, new and experienced – of the group.

Everyone has different opinions, but that?s alright because the varying perspectives actually lead to more unbiased and careful buying decisions.

3. Two?s company, three?s a crowd

I don?t know about you, but for me, success is all about finding the right people beside me. There?s nothing more encouraging than having the right kind of support and feedback when you need them the most.

No one says your property investment journey would be easy, so I can?t stress enough the importance of positive influence in getting you to the goal of becoming a proud owner of multiple properties.

By positive, I also mean I join the others on trips to countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Australia to research investment opportunities ? and well, have fun!

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