3 Reasons Why Singaporeans Must Have Passive Income This 2018

This article will reveal some shocking facts and the truths about living in Singapore. This is not to scare you, but to show you the reality, and why passive income is so important in Singapore.

1. Prices Are Going Up? Except…

Singapore being the world?s most expensive city is not new news. Most Singaporeans knew it, and we can see it in our daily lives as well.

Water prices increase by 30%
GST to rise to 9%
Electricity increase by 6.1%
Gas prices to increase by 4.19%
Service and Conservancy charges increased
COE prices increased
Car park charges increased

No one likes rising costs of living, but sadly, this is something we can?t control. Prices will continue to rise in the future.

And do you know what?s Not Rising?

Our salary.

Many people are just furious at the prices hikes and stagnant salary. But there?s something you can do about it, which is to build your own stream of passive income, which can offset the rising cost of living, and may provide extra income for yourself too.

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2. Can You Retire? Or Have To Work Forever?

Back in the older generation, most people can work until 55 years old, and retire on their savings until old age. However, this is not possible these days.

Our retirement age has been rising, from 55 to 62, and now 67.

Will it be 75 or 80 in the next few years?

Some people say this creates an opportunity to allow more elderly to continue working and support themselves. But honestly, ask yourself.

Do you still want to work at age 67? Even if you want to work, isn?t it better that you work because you WANT to, not because you HAVE to? This is a big difference.

The sad truth is, many of us today are not able to retire, and have to keep working to support our living expenses.

But retiring earlier is possible if you have a stream of passive income which can offset part of your living expenses. With this extra stream of income, you can choose to work, ONLY IF you want to. You have the freedom to choose.

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3. If You Don?t Take Care Of Yourself, Who Will?

Here?s another hard truth about living in Singapore.

You have to take care of yourself.

We are not a welfare state. We don?t have pensions to support us forever.

And here?s an even harsher truth: We cannot depend on our own children to support us? when we worry that they can?t even support themselves!

Regardless of how old you?re now, you must start preparing for your old age early.

The earlier you start, the better and easier it will be.

Even when you want to start making passive income to support yourself, you have to start now, so you can retire early, without needing to work odd jobs to support yourself.

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