3 Simple Steps To Build Your Wealth In 2018

Building wealth ? a subject that sparks many discussions.

We all want to make more money, and that?s probably why you?re reading this article.

Many of us are still struggling to pass through living in salary pay cheque, or creating enough passive income to move into being in the wealthy state. In short, if you need to work for your financial needs, you are not wealthy enough.

Has procrastination been the main issue in 2017?

If that is the case, then you have to start planning. For your convenience, we have collated 3 steps to start building your wealth in 2018.

1. Start From Self – Understanding Your Bazi

As a Chinese saying goes, ???? ????, which literally translates into ?Know yourself and the enemy and you will emerge triumphant even for a hundred battles?.

Simply put, if you would like to build more wealth this 2018, you need to first understand yourself, your strengths and weaknesses before working towards generating wealth in 2018.

Fengshui and Bazi expert Master Kevin Foong will be sharing LIVE ?at the Bazi Wealth Convention 2018 on how to use your birthdate and decode your bazi to generate wealth.





2. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have been one of the most talked-about topics in 2017 and will most likely be so in 2018.

With Bitcoin and Ethereum generating 800% and over 4000% gains respectively in 2017, everyone wants a share of the cryptocurrency pie.

And you should too!

With a clear gameplan and strong investment strategy, Cryptocurrency expert Louie Pinto has made profits for himself and helped many others along the way.

Cryptocurrency is still relatively new and hence, would be quite risky without proper guidance and understanding about the topic.

Louie would be sharing at the Bazi Wealth Convention 2018 on the various strategies he and his team used to profit from cryptocurrencies, and how to spot potential coins to profit quickly and safely.


3. Stock Investment

For a long time, stock trading has always been one of the most popular ways of increasing wealth.

The potential rewards in investment are clear for all, people like Warren Buffett and George Soros that made their billions mainly through investing. ?

On the flipside, many also have tried their hands investing and lost all their hard earned money.

These investors followed rumours and hearsay from their peers without proper understanding and strategy before investing.

Most of the time, stock investors usually make their money through 2 main methods;

  1. Capital Gain: the increase in share price
  2. Dividends: the distribution of the company earnings through

While it is not wrong to use these 2 methods to generate wealth, waiting for capital gains and dividends may take quite awhile. Therefore, it is less attractive to many investors.

These days, investors look at investments that are making them money consistently and safely.

Investment coach Daniel Loh, discovered the secret how top investors around the world made money 90% of the time, consistently and safely.

Daniel has since been on numerous TV programs and Finance Events, educating people on stock trading and how they can profit from their investments.



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