3 Worst Investments That Most Malaysians Stay Away

Investing is a good way to make additional income for yourself. From the traditional investments such as stocks, gold and many others, there are also many other alternative investments in Malaysia that attracts us with really high returns. While some may turn out to be really good investments, most of it may be too good to be true. Below are some investment that may not be as good as it turn out to be.

1. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

There are many multi-level marketing companies in Malaysia. While there are some good MLM companies in Malaysia that are having good business practices, some of such companies, however, resorted to underhand means to get your investment in their companies and go bankrupt soon after.

Investments in MLM companies does not come cheap, hence, this caused many people to lose most of their hard-earned money overnight.

2. Arowana Fish

Arowana Fish, or what the Chinese calls, ??? (Golden Dragon Fish), are bought mostly to bring its owners good luck and prosperity.

Some people purchases such fishes as an investment. The maintenance costs for Arowana fishes are known to be very expensive, therefore, it may take some luck to get the “perfect” arowana to be sold in order to earn back all the time and money put into rearing these fishes.

The world record price for an Arowana Fish is $300,000. It is rumoured that it was sold to a high-ranking official in China.


3. Wine / Art Investment

Wine and art goes hand in hand among the elites of modern society. Good wine can fetch be pretty expensive and are usually given to auctioneer to be sold to the highest bidders for the best price.?

Investing in wine can get pretty good returns if you have time on your side. It could be years or even decades before you get you rare bottle of wine sold for a good price.

Art investment is similar to wine. Good care and handling is needed to ensure the art piece is in good condition before it is being sold. Most often, it takes a famous artist to fetch a good price on the art piece.? So, you really need lady luck on your side to get the art piece on a cheap and sell it high.


Most Malaysians are now investing in…

In the past few years, there?s a growing number of Malaysians trading the financial markets
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