5 easy exercises that you can do in the office

Life of people who spend hours glued their computer at workplace is not easy. Sitting entire day puts one at the risk of developing back pain, obesity, leg cramps, poor posture and causes the muscles to become tensed. When people are overworked all they want to do is collapse in their couch or relax in a hot water bath. Although these relaxing techniques seem appealing, these do no good to the people who are stuck in a lifestyle that does no good to their bodies. What can be done to lower the risk of contracting diseases? Here are five easy exercises that can be done at workplace which would ensure that one is healthy and is more productive at workplace. These simple exercises boost the concentration of people and also help them to stay alert through the day.

1. Butt Squeezes

Butt is the problematic region for people who spend hours confined to a particular space. In order to shape up and tighten the rear end, one can follow a simple exercise without even having to desert the office chair. All one needs to do is clench their butt muscles and hold for a count of five. Slowly release and repeat the steps for five minutes.

2. Chair dips

Who loves jiggly arms? Nobody wants to show off jiggly arms. This is a common issue faced by people caught up in a hectic work schedule. You can prevent the back of your arms from going out of shape by following this simple technique. Sit with your bottom at the edge of your chair. Place your hands beside your hips at the edge of the chair. Slowly lift the bottom off the chair. Form a 90 degree angle by slowly lifting yourself. Slowly exhale and take the support of your arms in pushing yourself back to a sitting position. Repeat the entire process in sets of three that should amount to around 15 repetitions. Be careful if your chair has wheels. You need to push it against a solid surface for support.

3. Wall squats

This is a very simple exercise to follow during your coffee break. This targets your lower body. Stand against a wall with your back facing it. Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Slide your feet from the wall by a foot. Do not let your back leave the wall. Extend your arms and bend your knees slowly. Hold yourself in the sitting position for a count of three. Return to the standing position. Repeat this exercise in sets of 3.

4. Shadow box

If you are looking for a way to eliminate the aggression at the workplace and want to indulge in some heart pumping workout, then shadow box can prove out to be beneficial. This simple workout will help you feel better after a grueling session at workplace. Take a boxer?s stance and throw punches in the air. Make sure to alternate the arms. If you do not want to attract attention of your co-workers, then you can find a quiet location to perform this exercise. You can perform this in the washroom if you wish to. Perform this exercise for sixty seconds. Do this whenever you feel like you need a vent for all the tension that has built up at workplace.

5. Russian Twists

If you are looking for a simple exercise that can work on your core, then you can try Russian Twists during your breaks. The technique mentioned here has been modified to carry out easily in an office setting. Sit with your bottom positioned at the edge of the desk. Make sure you are on a firm chair and not on the one with wheels. If your chair has wheels then push it to the wall for support. Now, extend your legs in front of you. Slowly twist your abdomen to the left. Then slowly, twist your abdomen to the right. Repeat this for sixty seconds. Do this as long as you feel comfortable. This would help strengthening your core without having to take out some time to hit a gym.

These five simple yet effective exercises can help you remain active despite of a hectic work schedule.