5 Ways To Slim Down Without Hitting The Gym


Is it too hectic for you to find some time for the gym?

Is the entire gym thing too boring for you? Well, that?s completely understandable but who said you can?t have a great figure without going to the gym?

Staying fit is a matter of choice and here?s how you can do it.

1.) Try light exercises at home

Why should you enroll yourself at the gym when you can try some light exercises at home?

If you do not aim for muscle building or six pack abs, simple exercises at home are good enough to cut down the flab.

Try practicing specific yoga for the area you wish to focus on. People who want flat abs should try yoga that works on the stomach muscles.

At dawn

Similarly, people who want a shapely lower portion should try exercises that strengthens the leg muscles and keeps them firm.

2.) Engage in some activity

According to your daily schedule chalk out a free hour and engage yourself in some rigorous activity like dancing, swimming, jogging or cycling.

If you are free in the mornings go for a morning walk or jog around a park a few times. If there?s time in the evening join some dance class with a friend and burn your calories in style.

Sport fitness woman running

Being engaged in such activities actually make you feel fitter and more positive than before. If there?s the will, there?s a lot that you can actually do without hitting the gym.

3.) Eat Healthy

Along with being active there is another very important thing to do and that is to eat healthy.

You cannot expect to cut down on fat if you keep consuming foods with high calories.

Cut down on the calorie content in your diet by refraining from deep fried stuff, packaged food and sweets. Try steamed or baked items instead of fries and include vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Salmon with Avocado Salsa

Believe myth or science, fruits rich in Vitamin C is said to help you reduce your weight. However, do not be disheartened thinking you may have to give up on everything you love to eat.

Eat everything in moderation and in limited quantities to keep the balance intact.

4.) Reduce the liquor

If you are a party lover there are huge chances that you absolutely love to spend the evening or night over a few drinks with your friends.

But to cut down on weight and achieve a slimmer version of yourself, alcohol needs to go out of your daily items of consumption.

Clinking glasses with red wine.Reduce your consumption of liquor to limited quantities and you shall find it easier to lose weight. Dance at the parties instead to burn some extra calories in an enjoyable way.

5.) Embrace healthy habits

Last, but not the least, people must embrace some healthy habits in their daily lives.

  • Cover short distances on foot or use a cycle instead of riding the cab every time.
  • Try not to be awake till late hours at night. Proper sleep at night is necessary for a fit figure. Coax yourself to wake up early and engage yourself in some activity.
  • Try putting lesser sugar in your foods and beverages.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator each time.
  • Replace your fried foods with a baked or steamed version and your regular tea with a healthy green tea.

Proper adherence to these ways of slimmA spoonful of brown sugaring down can actually bring a massive change in your appearance within weeks.

Who needs the gym when all you require is some motivation and determination to do it!