7 ways to lost the weight you gained during Chinese New Year

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Do you ever wonder what is the best way to lose weight you gained during Chinese New Year? Nowadays, people are very conscious of how they look, which is why they do drastic measures to lose weight. Sometimes, they drink laxatives that would cause abdominal pain just to shed the pounds off. A lot of processed foods are packed with sugar, fat and salt, which are factors to gaining weight. But how are we going to lose weight if this is the case?

Exercise and diet are the keys to losing weight but it?s not as simple as that. There are still things that you have to consider for you to maintain and keep the pounds off. The best way to lose weight is through motivation ? it is a hard thing to do if you don?t put your mind into it. You have to motivate yourself and tell yourself that you can do it. You will be amazed that in a matter of weeks you will feel lighter and start losing weight.

Here are 7 ways to lose weight:

  1. Fiber helps

Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are foods which are high in fiber. These foods will flush out all the toxins and unwanted fatty foods that you have eaten, and makes you feel full without that feeling of being bloated. It is a healthier substitute for that greasy donuts.

Minimize eating sweets or best to cut it down. Junk foods store saturated fat in your body, a bad kind of fat. Instead, replace it with more fruits and vegetables which your body can get monounsaturated fat, a good kind of fat that your body can benefit.

  1. Drink Water and Stay Hydrated

Stay away from carbonated drinks, soda and alcoholic drinks. Drink plenty of water to make you feel stuffed and helps you cleanse your body. The average human body (70kg) should drink at least 2.3 litres of water every day to replenish and hydrate. When you drink the recommended amount of water, you would be amazed to see the benefits of water would do to your overall health.

  1. Proportion Eating

When you eat, make sure that you have a little bit of something. A little starch, fiber, sugar, salt combined with healthy foods can be a healthy thing thus this is also the best way to lose weight. Include more of the following iron containing foods ? dates, leafy green vegetables and lentils. You can obtain adequate protein through the daily inclusion of foods such as lentils, chickpeas, nuts, seeds, quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice and plenty of green leafy vegetables.

  1. Cut down the salt

Craving for salt can also be a clear sign of body inefficiencies that needs to be addressed. It could mean that your diet plan isn?t correct, you may be experiencing calcium deficiency, which needs to be corrected. Thus, if this deficiency is addressed you would find that your salt craving will be minimised. ?Adrenal fatigue? can also be the cause of salt craving, this is the effect low level of cortisol. You want to investigate your cortisol level when you experience long-term stress and fatigue. The feeling of body stiffness, light headed and trouble waking up are a clear sign of fatigue. Salt retains water in the body, thus, it would be hard for you to lose weight if you have too much salt in your system.

  1. Be stress-free

One of the factors of overeating is stress. You tend to eat comfort foods, which are rich in carbohydrates to relieve yourself of pain or sadness. When it comes to stress, you can never eliminate it, but rather you will use elimination to pinpoint the cause of stress and prevent it from happening. Getting enough sleep is essential in building muscles and the regeneration of healthy skin cells, thus overall health is being practiced. Have fun also once in a while, to get the stress off your back.

  1. Take vitamins

??????????? One way to prepare your body and lose weight effectively is being healthy and take vitamins to boost your energy levels:

  • Vitamin C ? citrus, lemon and other sources of vitamin C are the answers to clearing colds and flu. Vitamin C also prevents you from being sick, as the saying goes ?Prevention is better than a cure?. You can prepare a zesty lemon smoothie or a hot citrus tea/drink to warm you up. Cook up some leafy greens and broccoli as these are also a good source of Vitamin C.
  • Vitamin D ? for cancer prevention, mood regulation and strengthening your immunity and bone health. Eggs, butter, fish oil and even the sun can provide you loads of vitamin D. This is the time to pack up more on Vitamin D as we are less exposed to the sun as we stay mostly indoors, but, always remember to keep everything in moderation.
  • Zinc ? the super vitamin that everybody loves to have in their food where it promotes immunity, wound healing, appetite, good digestion and sex hormone balance. Foods that are rich in zinc are lamb, beef and oysters.

Even if you eat right and stay away from starchy foods, it wouldn?t be effective without exercise. By far, exercise is the best way to lose weight among all the steps above. Do manual work ? use the stairs, clean the house, prepare your own food ? these are some of the ways that promote exercise and minimises inactivity. You also get to be productive throughout the day and do more work and accomplishments.

You have to build muscles to lose weight and replace the fat percentage of your body. Build your muscle around your core especially your abdomen to take stress off your back. You can do many core exercises in order to build your muscles. These are the following:


  • Front squats
  • Deadlifts
    Image Source: www.nonijuice4health.com
    Image Source: www.nonijuice4health.com
  • Power cleans
  • Stability ball exercises
  • Hyperextensions
  • Weighted sit ups

The best way to lose weight is through eating healthy and exercise. You have to start slow and keep yourself happy. Eat healthy and watch out for those starchy foods that will add up to the pounds or acidic foods that would cause abdominal pain. Motivate and monitor what you eat, that is why you should plan ahead. This is the best way to lose weight gained during the Chinese New

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