80% Singaporeans Are Investing (Secretly) In These 3 Things? Are You?

As Singaporeans, we pride ourselves on being ?kiasu? or overly-competitive in everything that we do. From sending our children to the top schools, to queueing up at popular hawker stalls, we all want to get the best for ourselves.

Have you ever wondered how your fellow Singaporeans can afford that dream car? Or that luxury holiday in Europe? Most will love to brag about these things but when you ask them how they got the money? They will skillfully dodge your question.

They are usually not most generous in sharing ?wealth secrets?.

Let us reveal to the top 3 things that Singaporeans have been successfully investing in?

1.Plotting Their Path To Riches Using Their ?Bazi?

Okay, this is not actually a financial investment per se. Many Singaporeans of all races are taking reference from their Bazi or Birth Characters to create massive wealth for themselves.

If a person knows he or she is going to have a negative luck cycle, the person should keep a low profile and avoid doing dangerous activities. On the other hand, with a good luck cycle, opportunities like making investments at the right time, will jumpstart the person?s financial success.

Your own destiny is adjusted by the changes and actions you choose to take, right after you know your destiny.

2.Profiting Multiple Ways From Cryptocurrencies

In December 2016, there are so many voices asking ?Does it make any sense to invest in Bitcoin?? Back then, the price of Bitcoin was below US$900.

Fast forward to November 2017, Bitcoin has smashed other assets in 2017 alone, surging almost by 1000%! That?s 10 times in less than a year!

Although it may seem too costly to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, it?s not too late for you. Many well-established institutions like CME Group and Goldman Sachs are just starting to pay attention to cryptocurrencies.

There are many ways that an ordinary individual could employ to profit from Cryptocurrencies. One of the easiest ways is to leverage from people who have experienced first-hand and profited from cryptocurrencies.

Mr Louie Pinto, a Cryptocurrency Expert and the Founder of the Global Blockchain and CryptoCurrency Alliance (GCBA), has been using his proven strategy to profit from Cryptocurrencies. He has helped many individuals along the way as well.

Along with other esteemed speakers, Louie has made himself available to educate people about this fast-growing digital currency trend at the Bazi Wealth Convention 2018. Be sure to learn from him LIVE!

3.Growing Your Current Wealth In The Stock Market

Do you know that you can profit from the stock market NOT ONLY in a market boom, but also in a market crash?

In fact, anyone can start profiting from stock, all you need is to follow proven and successful trading strategies. The starting capital can be as low as $2000.

These strategies include?

  • Using a cheaper instrument than stocks: Options!
  • Protecting your trades through buying an ‘insurance’ so that your losses are small even if there is a sudden panic or market crash.
  • Make 5-10% return consistently in almost every month? with 90% chance of winning

There are many other options trading strategies. If you want to claim these strategies for ownself, click the button below to register for the FREE full-day event.

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