Almost-Bankrupt Businessman Got Back On His Feet Using This Powerful ?C-P-A? Profiling Technique!

More than 20 years ago, Bernard Yeo was an ordinary Singaporean in his mid-forties. He was suffering from mid-life crisis, while many of his peers are successful in their businesses or careers.

He was constantly unhappy. He often asked himself, ?Why are so many others finding success and meaning in their lives so quickly?”

He was unsure of what are his strengths and passions?

Unsure of what truly makes him feel alive and kicking?.

Back then, he was involved in many jobs and businesses? across industries like gifts and souvenirs, jewellery manufacturing and even have opened an enrichment centre.

NONE of them turned up well for the last 20+ years of his life.

In fact, he almost became a bankrupt after losing a lot of money doing some mega events as well as charity events.

His turning point finally came in 2008, when a friend introduced him to Human Profiling.

At the time, he had no idea what that was. And honestly, with all the problems he was already facing, he had no interest to find out.

But thanks to a friend, who insisted that Human Profiling can solve the bulk of his problems, he took the plunge. And he was blown away!

Because, when he studied Human Behavioural Science and subsequently went into research on human profiling, he discovered how to combine existing scientific concepts to bring out anyone?s innermost potential.

He used himself as a guinea pig initially.

Within just one year, he cleared all his debts. He was running a million-dollar business. And most importantly, he is happy waking up everyday now, doing what he does.

And now for his proudest moment: Through 8 years of research, he has discovered there is actually an Universal Characteristic that makes each person tick, and allows him/her to achieve greater success more easily than others!

Because of this discovery, he was conferred Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Human Capital Development and Human Profiling for his outstanding research in 2013.

Since 2008, he has been sharing his unique Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling (UCMHP) methodology to thousands of people around the region and they have used this technique to improve their Health, Wealth, Business, Relationship, and Family.

This is where I wish to share with you more about UCMHP? Especially the powerful technique that benefited 1000s of previously unhappy corporate professionals (including myself) across all industries.

?????Introducing The Revolutionary?C-P-A Technique…

Friends, Dr Bernard has spent 70,000 hours of research work to develop this technique. It is a scientifically proven personality profiling methods combining NLP, DISC, Enneagram, MBTI, Big 5 Personality Analysis, all into one.

Honestly, this wasn?t easy to combine different scientific concepts. The collection of so much real data to develop this practical tool was a challenge too. But the results were very rewarding, as it has been helping so many people to achieve self-realisation and predict their life and career goals?

In fact, since 2008, all the thousands of people around the region only needed 5 minutes (thanks to this technique) to improve their Wealth and Well-Being.
“…provided an opportunity to be?self-confident & assured, clearer understanding of personal Self,?and the?potential Weakth Pathway?that supports & complements their personal character, personality & behavior.”

The 21st century scientific research approach to UCMHP’s Numerology platform (which I had learned and practicing now) has brought many benefits to the people around me. It had provided individuals an opportunity to be?self-confident & assured, clearer understanding of personal Self,?and the?potential Wealth Pathway?that supports & complements their personal character, personality & behavior.

Sterve Lim, Self-Employed

Now it?s your turn to claim this technique!

If you have been looking for that guiding light to fill the void in your life. With this one-of-its-kind technique, you can almost instantly find a new purpose in life, gain an upper hand in your career and excel in your professional relationships!

With this C-P-A technique, you can discover innermost desires, strengths and weaknesses in just 5 minutes?

AND you will have your own unique, personalised road-map to lead a massively fulfilling life! You will be crystal-clear on how to excel in your careers and stay way ahead of your peers!

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