Singapore Bazi Wealth Expert RevealsDiscover Your Wealth Profile And Shortcut Your Path To Wealth By Using Just Your Date Of Birth


Date: 13th June 2018, Wednesday

Time: 1pm - 6pm

Venue: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, 

#10-26, Singapore 079903

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This one day event (worth $498) will be fully sponsored by Ace Profits Academy, Singapore and Malaysia's Leading Wealth Creation and Personal Development Education Platform.

Speaking at the seminar is Bazi Wealth Expert, Master Kevin Foong

Introducing.... Master Kevin Foong

Engaged By Multinational Companies, Celebrities, Government Officials And Other High-Net-Worth Individuals

Interviewed By Various Media, Such As, Singapore’s The Straits Times And Channel NewsAsia, The Philippines’s ABS-CBN and Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post

Keynote speaker for major conferences. Coached over 850,000 students worldwide.

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In This Sponsored Seminar, Master Kevin Foong will be sharing…

How to use ‘The 4 Pillars Of Destiny’ To Identify and Leverage your In-Born Talents, Strengths, and Personality to Create Massive Success In Life

Understand How This Step-By-Step Process Is Specially Designed To Help You Understand Your Unique Natural Abilities

Plot Your Bazi Chart With Your Date And Time Of Birth... In Just 3 Seconds!

Simply Use Your Date Of Birth And Learn How To Use It To Exert Control Over Your Own Destiny

How Bazi Can Empower Your Day-To-Day Decision Making And Help To Align You With Your True Path To Success

Use This Simple But Powerful Ingredient To Help Achieve Success In Life

The ‘Career Compatibility Report’ That Will Reveal If You’re Suited To Be An Employee, Entrepreneur or Investor

This Will Help You To Accelerate Shortcut Up The Career Ladder

Josephine Josephine, Singapore

"I thank Master Kevin Foong for his expertise in providing a comprehensive revelation of my Bazi chart. He was spot on in deducing my traits and life events through analysing the chart.

I was most surprised that he could find out about my personal things without me saying anything. This is definitely not a cold reading. The insights from Master Foong has allowed me to rethink, plan and maximise my life’s vision."

Tham Tham, Singapore

"Not only is Master Kevin Foong exceptionally accurate with his work, but he was also very clear in the manner he presented my past, current and future situations. He gave me many pieces of advice for my career and my health, so I could make the best decisions.

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Bonus Training: 

Discover The Secrets Of Building a 7-Figure eCommerce Business From Home… Without Creating Websites, Handling Any Products, or Even Selling.

Why We Leverage On Amazon To Build Our eCommerce Business

Building an eCommerce business with Amazon is possibly the simplest and fastest way for parents looking to build a real 7-figure business from home, while spending precious time with their kids.

Why You Must Attend This Seminar

  • You Want To Know Your Bazi Wealth Roadmap To Unlock The Wealth Opportunities You Must Capitalise And Dangers You Must Avoid
  • Find The Simplest Way To Achieve Clarity In Your Personal Path to Success
  • Know How To Identify and Leverage your In-Born Talents, Strengths, And Personality To Create Massive Success
  • Find Out How The Full Bazi Chart Can Reveals Your life, Health, Characteristic, Wealth Capacity, Career, Relationship...and more!
  • You Want To Learn To Plot the Bazi Chart Of Family Members, Friends, Business Partners... Anybody

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Seats Are Limited. Each Class is only limited to 46 people.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1.What are the information i need to plot my Bazi Chart?

You will simply need your date and time of birth in order to plot your Bazi Chart.

2. How can Bazi help me in my career?

With the elements in your birth chart, Bazi can help identify opportunities in your career which you should not miss out on. You will also find out your hidden talents, if you are in the right career, and most importantly, is your boss helping or obstructing your career path.

3. Can I use Bazi to profile other people besides myself?

YES. You just need the person birth date and time of birth to find out the Bazi. Many employers uses Bazi to profile their employees' strengths. Parents also use Bazi to analyse their children's profile too, so to discover their talents, to short-cut their success path.

4. Can I bring my friends/family along to this seminar?

YES! Master Kevin Foong will analysing Bazi charts throughout the seminar! It is a good chance for them to discover their hidden potential as well. Be one of the lucky ones to get your Bazi Chart read by him!

5. Do I need to spend a lot of time to plot my Bazi Chart?

It will just take 3 seconds to complete the whole process of plotting your Bazi Chart

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