Singapore Numerology Wealth Expert Reveals: How Your Birthdate Can Help Unlock Your Hidden Talents And Create Massive Success In Life.

Numerology & Wealth

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About Dr Bernard Yeo

Founder of UCMHP (Universal Characteristics Methodology of Human Profiling) and Author of Best Selling Book, "Know Your Number, Know Yourself”.

After 70,000 hours of Research and Studies of 12,000 individuals, he discovered UCMHP which is used to uncover thousands of people's hidden potential.

Awarded Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Human Capital Development and Human Profiling for his Extensive Research In Human Profiling. Keynote Speaker for major conferences.

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In this Sponsored Seminar you will learn…

How To Plot Your Birth Chart And Reveal Your Hidden Talents So You Know How To Take Advantage Of Opportunities To Achieve Success In Life.

Just insert your birth date into this chart, and it will reveal Everything About You - Career, Wealth, Relationships, Family, Business, and more!

You will receive this Universal Characteristic Report at the seminar for FREE.


How To Use UCMHP To Profile People Around You And Know More About Them Even Before They Talk To You

Use UCMHP to profile your business partner, your employee, your maid, and even your children's boyfriend/girlfriend! Working with the best partner will save you lots of time, money, and headaches! 

A Deeper Understanding Of Yourself Without Taking Any Personality Test or Surveys!

Surveys or personality tests can be biased, and easy to 'cheat' to decide the outcome of your personality. But everyone has a date of birth they cannot lie! That's why UCMHP is a reliable, and research-based technique that works!

To Decode Your Own Universal Character Number and Unleash Your Inborn Hidden Talent 

Successful people are successful because they know their talents, and leverage on them to create wealth. Jack Ma create wealth by building great business, while Warren Buffett create wealth by investing. Do you know your in-born talents? Let UCMHP help you! 

The UCMHP Technique Can Improve Your Health, Wealth, Career, Relationship, and Family!

If you are struggling in your career, business, or relationships now... it means you are doing things wrong!

Use UCMHP to find out compatibility of you and your boss, business partner, and even your spouse! Find out their profile, so you know how to build great relationships with them!

"UCMHP helps us understand our patients better and gain their trust, and increase the accuracy of diagnoses"

Me and my wife are UCMHP students. As Chinese Physicians, we practice UCMHP in our daily work, where we meet patients everyday. UCMHP helps us understand our patients better and gain their trust, and increase the accuracy of diagnoses. Through UCMHP, we help patients not only in the aspect of health, but also in their family and career, strengthening the bonds between us.

~Dr Siong, Chinese Physician

"...provided an opportunity to be self-confident & assured, clearer understanding of personal Self, and the potential Career Pathway that supports & complements their personal character, personality & behavior."

The 21st century scientific research approach to UCMHP's Numerology platform (which I had learned and practicing now) has brought many benefits to the people around me. It had provided individuals an opportunity to be self-confident & assured, clearer understanding of personal Self, and the potential Career Pathway that supports & complements their personal character, personality & behavior.

Sterve Lim, Self-Employed

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Why You Must Attend This Seminar

  • You want to achieve success by unlocking your hidden talents.
  • Use your strengths and talents to be become wealthy and prosperous.
  • Know your natural in-born talents and use it to unleash your hidden potentials
  • Lack of foresight to achieve success in life and want to find out how UCMHP can help you do it
  • Discover Your Golden number combination and achieve greater heights in life


 Identifying Potential Stocks For Trading & Investment Using Top 30 Volume

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He Will Also Share The Necessary Skills And Knowledge, On How NOT To Get Slaughtered From The Big Players.

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Seats Are Limited. Each Class is only limited to 30 people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How accurate is this?

It is 90% accurate. Many Fengshui masters had attended this Seminar and implemented UCMHP into their readings for their clients. Dr Bernard will do Live reading for participants in his seminar. If you're lucky to be chosen, you will see how accurate Dr Bernard's reading of you will be. 

2. How can this help me in my career?

With the numbers in your birth chart, UCMHP can help identify opportunities in your career which you should not miss out on. You will also find out your hidden talents, if you are in the right career, and most importantly, is your boss helping or obstructing your career path. 

3. Is this some sort of superstition?

NO. It is a proven method based on a combination of several scientific profiling methods such as NLP, DISC, Numerology, Enneagram, MBTI, Big 5 personality analysis, all into one.

4. Can I use UCMHP to profile other people besides myself?

YES. You just need the person birth date to use UCMHP profiling method. Many employers uses UCMHP to profile their employees' strenghts. Parents also use UCMHP to analyse their children's profile too, so to discover their talents, to short-cut their success path.

5. Can I bring my friends/family along to this seminar ?

YES! It is a good chance for them to discover their hidden potential as well. Dr Bernard Yeo will also be doing some live readings throughout the seminar! Be one of the lucky ones to get your UC Chart read by him!

6. Do I need to spend a lot of time to decode my UC number?

It will just take 5 minutes to complete the whole process of each individual profiling.

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