[Free 1 Day Event] For Singaporeans Who Want To Control Their Financial Destiny

Discover How Regular Singaporeans Can Create Additional Flows Of Income By Using This Proven Yet Little Known Wealth Formula… Without Working Longer Hours, Taking More Part-Time Jobs, And Sacrificing Precious Family Time!

This proven formula has helped thousands of individuals in 7 countries - most of whom have ZERO experience - to generate extra income and grow their wealth for their families, month after month!

ACE Your Wealth Code Singapore

Date: 12th August 2017, Saturday

Time: 9am to 5pm

Venue: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza #19-14, Singapore 079903 (Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit C)

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Get Up Close And Personal With Two Wealth Creation Experts Of Singapore

2 Wealth Creation Experts in Singapore have decided to come together to show you a powerful yet little-known formula how regular Singaporeans can create long term sustainable wealth using both Business and Investing - also dubbed as the ‘Twin Engine To Financial Freedom’.

In just 1 Saturday, you will learn how to make extra cashflow by turning your laptop into an ‘ATM Machine’ that get sales and generate real money for you. And using that extra cash, how to compound and ‘snowball’ it into even more cash, while you sleep!

To combat the rising cost of living, many Singaporeans have been searching for answers to this question:

“How can I make more money without working longer hours, more part-time jobs, and sacrificing my family time?

Answer: The "Twin Engine To Financial Freedom" Formula:



" Over here, you will find a group of supportive and like-minded individuals..."

Manson See
Operations Manager

“It Really Works - $901.71 In 1 Week!”

"Hi Ewen, I would like to thank you, because for me, who knew nothing about the internet business… I never believe I could make make money online so fast!

But after attending your program, I had a mind shift. I just followed exactly what you taught… And I got to say that your stuff really works.

Everlin Wong

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At ACE Your Wealth Code 2017, two business and investing experts will reveal their secrets how they leverage on proven systems and formulas to create wealth and achieve financial freedom.

In today’s uncertain economy, where many Singaporeans are holding on to their dead-end jobs for ‘job security’, or flushing their hard-earned money down the drain because of ‘hot stock tips’… our experts will show you the proven strategies to create wealth for yourself, for your family, that you can be proud of.

ACE Your Wealth Code is organised at most once or twice a year, and is the only time you can meet two successful wealth experts at the same time, at the same place, to learn strategies that will improve your financial future.

Grab this opportunity to take charge of your financial future. Do it for yourself, do it for your loved ones. Even learning just one strategy from either speaker may be enough to improve your current financial situation.

You’re Invited To Attend A Free 1 Day Event To Learn From Two Wealth Experts How To Generate Extra Cash On The Internet, And Compound Your Money In The Stock Market While You Sleep

Ewen Chia

World's Number #1 Super Affiliate

Reshveen Rajendran

The 'Six Pack' Investor

During this one-day free Ace Your Wealth Code Event with 'World #1 Super Affiliate' Ewen Chia and 'SixPack' Investor Reshveen, you will discover the ultimate formula to create extra cashflow on the internet, and the secret strategies to compound your wealth in the stock market while you sleep.

No IT skills or investing experience required.


Before this event, we sought out average Singaporeans and asked them a simple question:

“Why are you not earning extra income from the internet, or stock market?”

Almost all of them said:

“I don’t know how to start…”

“I don’t have lots of money to invest…”

“I don’t have any experience…”


Hence, at ACE Your Wealth Code, we will focus on these areas:

  • The 3 Biggest Secrets To MASSIVE Internet Profits (This Took Ewen 18 Years To Figure Out!)
  • Why You Don't Need Any Experience Or Tech Skills To Succeed
  • How To Make $531.35 A Day Selling Stuff You Didn't Even Create...
  • An Easy TURNKEY Step-by-step System To Help You Rake In Profits Within 48 Hours
  • How To Get Your Own Internet Business DONE FOR YOU
  • How to use a simple 3-step criteria to identify and assess profitable companies to invest in
  • Use my closely-guarded evaluation method to identify when to buy and what price to buy your favourite stock.
  • Why it’s the best time to get started in investing when you ONLY have $100.
  • How to use our trademarked Value Investing Options Strategy (VIOS™) to generate huge monthly cashflow.… even if stock market prices remain stagnant!
  • Discover the biggest counter-intuitive secret that will dramatically lower your risk and increase your profits.
  • And much, much more!
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This Is The Only Wealth Event That Focuses On Generating Active And Passive Cashflow…That May Not Happen Again


- You want to start an online business… but don’t know how

- You’ve been investing for some time… but have yet to see consistent profits

- You’ve tried to start or business or investing before… but stopped because of previous failures


Did you know that these two wealth creation strategies have been field-tested by thousands of students from 7 countries?


95% of the students have zero background before they started.

They are engineers, nurses, real estate agents to administrative assistants, corporate executives and even blue-collar workers…

If they can do it. So can you.

There is no question these strategies will work for you too.

" By applying what I learnt, my passive income now exceeds my expenses. With that I am able to make a conscious choice to spend more time with my family."

Jon Kevin Lai
Stay-home Dad


“I have made my first and second sale!”

Dear Ewen, my name is Hoa and I was one of your students in the training program organised in Vietnam.

Thank you very much for your valuable information and motivation that I received during the training.

I am very happy to inform after applying what were given, I have made my first and second sale in a few days!”

Pham Thanh Hoa

"With VIOS™ and Stock investing, my family now enjoys a 4 figure passive income to safeguard our financial future. Definitely attainable if you take action. "

Pebs Lee
Electrical and Software Engineer

You Need An Absolute Guarantee?

The last thing you need is a guarantee. A guarantee that your 1 day will be well-spent.

Yes, you can do many things on a Saturday.

You can sleep till 1pm, watch TV dramas the whole day, and spending mindless hours playing candy crush.

Or you can attend ACE Your Wealth Code for FREE (For first 50 people only), and learn how to create extra income using the internet, and compound your cash and grow your wealth safely in the stock market.

We know you’re smart and looking for a solution to improve your current situation (if not you won’t read till the end)

And we know you will make the right decision to spend your precious time.

We know you CLEARLY care about your financial future.

Invest just 1 day of your time, and commit to come down and learn.

What you will learn are two proven strategies that will give you extra cashflow, and grow your wealth safely.

You’ll finally be able to start making the money you want, and enjoy the success you deserve.

See you at Ace Your Wealth Code!

Ewen & Resh


P.S. If you skipped all the way to the end, here’s a summary of what we’ve discussed.

We are organising a 1 day ACE Your Wealth Code event to teach you the ‘Twin Engine of Financial Freedom’ Formula - generating extra cashflow on the internet, and growing your wealth while you sleep.

The 1 Day Event is FREE, and all we ask if your commitment to learn and implement these in your business.

This is a very limited offer because each class is only limited to 50 people and my classes fill up fast.

This is the first time both wealth experts come together to conduct this 1 day event. We don’t have plans to conduct another one in the future.

Click the button below and claim your free ticket now. You won’t regret it.

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