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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably thought of setting up your own eBook business at some point.

But the eBook business can be a big and scary world.

After all, there are MILLIONS of eBooks for sale on Amazon.

It’s a very lucrative market, but how exactly can you stand out in it?

You can’t be like Popular Bookstore, selling books on every and any topic because it would cost too much.

Maybe you like bicycles. You can just sell an eBook on cycling, right?

Well, correct … and wrong.

You see, in selling eBooks, you need to find a topic - but not just any topic.

You need to find a topic that’s popular, so you can have a big group of potential customers who are ready to buy what you’re going to sell.

So what are the hottest topics?

From my experience, I can tell you that A) health, fitness and dieting, B) dating and relationship, and C) personal development are the most popular topics.

Notice how evergreen these topics are.

No matter what happens tomorrow, the next week, the next month, the next year or even the next decade, people are still going to want to keep healthy and look great, attract the opposite sex and improve their well being.

To put it simply, these topics are ALWAYS going to be in demand.

If you sell eBooks in these categories, you’re never going to run out of customers - and profits!

Now, let’s say you don’t believe me. Let’s say you enjoy the game ‘Pokémon GO’ very much (most of us do!)

You decide that you’re going to sell an eBook called ‘Secret Tips For Mastering Pokémon GO’.

The problem is … your eBook isn’t going to sell very well because the popularity of the game has declined.

If you had started selling your eBook together with the game’s release last year, it would have enjoyed greater success.

The conclusion is … if you want to create a SUCCESSFUL eBook business, you need to select a topic that’s popular in the past, popular now, and will be popular in the future.

In other words, you need to have a topic that will give you potential customers forever!

I hope you like what I’ve shared so far because honestly, I have MORE for you.

At my FREE ‘Bestseller Income Seminar’, I’m going to give you more tips and tricks that you can use to create a successful eBook business.

Tips and tricks that are easy to follow ...

I was skeptical about the seminar initially, but after I sat through the training, I was surprised that it's a step by step process. The after-programme support that is provided and the tools made to improve the process of publishing the eBook in Amazon are also assuring.

- Suzanna Ismail -

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Who Am I?

My name is Dominic Tay.

I’m a solo entrepreneur who has made a 6-figure sum just by selling eBooks on Amazon.

I’ve coached thousands of people from all over the world to build a successful eBook business so that they can make a consistent passive income!

Why should you believe me?

Below is a screenshot of a telegraphic transfer from Amazon to my bank account.

And that’s just income for one month. In other words, I’m making enough passive income to not only provide for my family, but also have spare change for holidays and other luxuries.

In fact, with eBook sales set to rise as Amazon expands into more markets, there’s no limit to how much you can earn.

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This was the first time I learnt about publishing my own eBook and I did it finally, which is a dream come true. The 'Bestseller Income Seminar' really provides an excellent blueprint both in hardcopy with a comprehensive write-up and also the members’ training videos.

It was not easy to start with a business, especially with something new to us. However, with the comprehensive guidance from Dominic Tay and his experience and sharing, it's just so simple.

Dominic is really fast in responding, so much so that I initially thought it was an auto-response machine. The post-program support is really useful.

Well done, Dom!”

- Nick Hiew -

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