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Why You Need To Be Here

Let’s Be Upfront.

You want to have additional income out of your current job.
You want to earn additional income so you can provide more for yourself and your loved ones.
You want to earn extra income so you don’t have to worry if there’s an economic downtown or even when you lose your job.

But there’s too much Crap or BS on the internet which simply don’t work at all!

However, You Are Not Alone...

Many people have been struggling to make money on the internet, either by trying to …

  • Do Website Design (but there’s too much technical skills needed!)
  • Do Coding Or Developing Softwares (again… too much technical skills!)
  • Do SEO (but 1 Google Slap and all your websites are gone!)
  • Do E-Commerce (but too much inventory and shipping headaches to handle!)

Most of them failed to make any money online, because it simply don’t work for them!

But that's not the same for students who have learned the 'Bestseller Blueprint' strategy. Here's what they have to say...


"No one comes close to what Dominic is teaching" - Kazi Khurram Ahmed


"Any normal person of average intelligence, if they follow the formula, if they do exactly what Dominic says to do, can become a very successful author" - Paul Nef

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What Is This Bestseller Income Blueprint That Many Are Raving About?

If you have been searching for a proven method to finally make additional income online, your search stops here.

The Bestseller Income Blueprint is probably the only income-generating strategy you will learn to make real money on the internet.

And here's why...

  • you DO NOT need to create any websites
  • you DO NOT need to manage any physical products
  • you DO NOT need to ship out any products
  • you DO NOT need to find customers yourself
  • you DO NOT need to do customer support

And the best part?

You don't even need to write your own ebook!

Show Me How To Do It!

Why Are There So Many Singaporeans Calling In To Learn From The Founder Of This Bestseller Income Blueprint? Who Is He?

Dominic Tay
The Average Singaporean Turned ‘6-Figure Internet Entrepreneur’

Dominic is widely known as a Amazon Passive Income Creator who has successfully made more than 6 figures on the internet in the past few years.

He has also been training thousands of ordinary individuals, just like you, how to create additional income by selling ebooks online. He has been invited to speak in various countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

As a work-at-home entrepreneur, he has been receiving regular income cheques from Amazon for his book sales. Below is just a screenshot of a telegraphic transfer from Amazon to his bank account.

This passive income he received from Amazon is more than enough to provide for his family, his multiple holiday trips and luxuries in life. This is ON TOP of the 5-figure personal consultation fees business owners paid him to learn how to increase their sales and profits.

In other words, he doesn’t have to give talks for extra income.

However, he is sharing his closely-guarded Bestseller Income Blueprint only after multiple requests from Singaporeans who really want a proven strategy to make additional income online, without all the BS, without all the technicalities, and without all the “rah-rah”.

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Here Are Just Some Valuable Money Making Tips Can You Learn From Dominic

  • How Dominic created an additional multiple 5-figures passive income for himself on the internet with no website at all…
  • Why leveraging on Amazon is probably the best way to grow your "side income" reliably (Once you learn the 5 reasons, you will wish you have been doing this long ago)...
  • The little-known strategies Dominic use to create hot-selling ebooks that get him sales from people worldwide.
  • The most lucrative niches and topics in the ebook marketplace that has huge demand for books
  • A real-life case study of how an absolute beginner and computer dummy who has no technical knowledge (and even poor English), made her first $1,008.50 USD online with just 5 hours of her spare time
  • How he scale up his business to rake in even more profits and passive income every single month
  • And much much more…

Here's What Other Participants Are Saying

This was the first time I learnt about publishing my own eBook and I did it finally, which is a dream come true. The Bestseller Income Seminar really provides an excellent blueprint both in hardcopy with a comprehensive write up and also the members’ training videos.

It was not easy to start with a new business especially with something new to us. However, with the comprehensive guidance from Dominic Tay, and his experience and sharing, it is just so simple.

Dominic is really fast in responding, which initially I thought that it was an auto response machine. The post program support is really useful.

Well done Dom!”

Nick Hiew

I was skeptical about the seminar initially but after I sat through the training, I was surprised that it is a step by step process. What is assuring is the after [program] support that they provided and the tools made to improve the process in publishing the eBook in Amazon.

Suzanna Ismail

Are You Ready To Make Real, Additional Income For Yourself?

This Bestseller Income Blueprint seminar is probably the last talk you must attend to make real income on the internet.

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