Shocking: There are ordinary Singaporeans making more than an average day job income through the internet!

Discover How This Fellow Singaporean Went From $1000+/Month to making 6 Figures From The Internet Passively!

… and how he helped ordinary Singaporeans to make more than an average day job income doing the same thing.

I'm Busy. Tell Me Now!

Dominic used to make only $1000+ a month in a data entry job in a local bank. But right now, he has made 6 figures on the internet selling simple ebooks on Amazon.

And here’s how much he received from Amazon for just one of the months.

He has trained people like Eugene who is close to bringing in more than his bank job income:

“After the seminar, I went home to publish more books, to follow the system, and still have constant follow up and guidance from Dominic to work on this business. At this point of time, I’m glad that the income from my Amazon business has actually exceeded my day time job income.” ~ Eugene

... and beginners like Kazi who sold almost a thousand copies of his first ebook!

"I published my first ebook in March, and instantly, it became a bestseller. Throughout March to first part of April, I sold hundreds of copies, close to a thousand copies of that book. I’m very happy and excited about it. I don’t think I would be able to do it if I hadn’t done the course with Dominic.” ~Kazi Khurram Ahmed

I Want To Make Passive Income Too!

Why is selling simple ebooks on Amazon potentially the only REAL way to generate passive income?

Simply because...

~ you DO NOT need to create any websites
~ you DO NOT need to manage any physical products
~ you DO NOT need to ship out any products
~ you DO NOT need to find customers by yourself
~ you DO NOT need to do customer support

And the best part?
Dominic has a step-by-step process to guide his students to create an eBook... without writing it themselves.

“Before attending, I’m not sure what’s an ebook, and how to create one. But with guidance of Dominic, I’m more clear and confident to create an ebook … we also learn business mindset and soft skill which is very useful in internet marketing.” ~ Weil Seng

“Dominic’s approach is step by step, and very detailed for someone doesn’t know anything about publishing a book… I’m very confident to take on this project, to earn passive income for my family. " ~Nikita Han

I Want Passive Income From Amazon Too!

Unlike many other seminars out there which hardly give any value, Dominic reveals his Bestseller Income Blueprint - A Step-By-Step Formula - designed to empower beginners with no experience or any prior knowledge… to gain full confidence and kickstart their internet business.

Here’s what some of his students say:

“Dominic’s presentation straight to the point, direct, no frills, packed with information, he gives a step-by-step guide, it’s basically idiot-proof. You’ll learn a lot of things!” ~Avril Yap

“Dominic has shown me the way step by step how to do it… so I’m quite confident of being able to get my first ebook out within the next 1 month of so”  ~ John Chia

"Any normal person of average intelligence, if they follow the formula, if they do exactly what Dominic says to do, can become a very successful author" ~ Paul Nef

I Want To Know Dominic's Blueprint Too!

And here’s why this is the best time for you to start your own Amazon Ebook Business… especially if you’re in Singapore!

It's reported that Amazon has launched more services in Singapore, with plans to penetrate the whole of Southeast Asia.

With millions and millions of people in Southeast Asia, there is a huge income growth potential.

And the good news?

Dominic has promised to reveal how he and his students got started in generating passive income online, in his upcoming 3-hour Introductory Workshop.

In just 3 hours, you’ll discover…

  • The proprietary Bestseller Income Blueprint which empowers Dominic and his students to create passive income from Amazon… without having to write their own eBooks (if they don't know how or they don't want to)
  • The 3 challenges you MUST overcome if you want to bring in real income from the Internet (This can potentially save you a 10 to 20 years learning curve and allow you to see results much faster)
  • A real-life case study of how an absolute beginner (and "computer dummy") made her first $1,008.50 USD online in her first month, using just 5 hours of her spare time
  • The 3 resources you MUST have to leverage on Amazon's eBook business and have them automate most of the selling for you (No more chasing customers and hard-selling to anyone)
  • And much, much more tips and strategies on kick starting your own Amazon business and create passive income for yourself

What he will share with you cannot be readily found anywhere else.

In fact, he don't even share this with his private consulting clients who pay him as much as $30,000 and above to work with him.


Dominic has personally created a starter kit for participants who attend the Bestseller Income Introductory Seminar.

This is designed to help committed individuals to kickstart their own Amazon Business, and make sure they are starting on the right track.

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Here’s the REAL challenge.

Dominic has been invited to different countries around the world to share his experience and expertise.

And while he doesn't have to do this because he is already financially successful, he chooses to continue sharing as his way of paying it forward and leaving a legacy.

However, that means he has a busy schedule (not mentioning the fact that he values his freedom as well).

So if you're seriously interested in building a profitable internet business as well, you may wish to commit yourself right now, to turn up for our Free 3-hr Introductory Workshop.

Seats are on a first-come-first-serve basis and we reserve the right to turn away any participants who are not serious about generating additional income for themselves.

To get started, simply click on the button below, register and turn up for the LIVE Workshop.

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