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Breakthrough 2018 “Year Of Earth Dog” by Unleashing Your Hidden Talents To Create Massive Wealth And Enjoy The Freedom You Truly Deserve

What’s your life forecast in year of the Earth Dog? What are wealth opportunities you must take advantage this year to multiply your wealth? Discover these secrets with Bazi Wealth Expert, Master Kevin Foong today!

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Why Must You Attend This Seminar

  • #1 You Want To Know Your Bazi Wealth Roadmap for the "Earth Dog" Year of 2018

    Did you have a bad 2017? Still struggling in life? Get your FREE Bazi Wealth Roadmap personalised to your Date and Time of Birth… to unlock the wealth opportunities you must capitalise and dangers you must avoid in 2018!

  • #2 You Want To Leverage Your Strengths And Personality To Create Massive Wealth

    Rich people are rich because they understand themselves and leverage on their strengths to ‘shortcut’ their path to massive wealth. You can do that simply by analyzing your Date and Time of Birth with Bazi. Master Kevin Foong will reveal the secrets behind your birth numbers.

  • #3 You Want To Master Your Destiny To Achieve Success In All Areas Of Your Life

    Want to be healthier? Yet to find your life partner? Still searching for your dream job? Your Bazi Chart will reveal all the secrets you need to know to achieve a fulfilling life.

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Expert Speakers

Master Kevin Foong

Bazi Wealth Expert

Your Success In 2018 Is Determined By The Actions You Take Today

Kickstart 2018 With A Clear Path To Success And Wealth For Yourself By Attending This Event And Learn From Our  Millionaire Wealth Expert!

"Achieve Massive Success In 2018 By Charting Your Personal Wealth Roadmap Using Secrets Inside Your Chinese Zodiac And Date Of Birth”

Master Kevin Foong

Bazi Wealth Expert

Here’s what you’ll learn from Master Kevin Foong:

  • Your Bazi Wealth Roadmap for the “Earth Dog’ year of 2018 , personalised to you based on your Date and Time of Birth. This Bazi Wealth Roadmap will reveal the golden opportunities you must capitalise, and also dangers you must avoid in 2018.
  • Achieve Clarity in your Personal Path to Success. There are many ways to achieve success, but you want to know your own “Path Of Least Resistance” where you can achieve success with minimal effort… at the shortest time possible!
  • Identify and Leverage your In-Born Talents, Strengths, and Personality to Create Massive Wealth. Many people don’t know their hidden talents in their Personal Bazi Chart. If you don’t know your talents, and don’t know how to use them, you’ll never be rich!
Josephine Josephine, Singapore

"I thank Master Kevin Foong for his expertise in providing a comprehensive revelation of my Bazi chart. He was spot on in deducing my traits and life events through analysing the chart.

I was most surprised that he could find out about my personal things without me saying anything. This is definitely not a cold reading. The insights from Master Foong has allowed me to rethink, plan and maximise my life’s vision."

Tham Tham, Singapore

"Not only is Master Kevin Foong exceptionally accurate with his work, but he was also very clear in the manner he presented my past, current and future situations. He gave me many pieces of advice for my career and my health, so I could make the best decisions.

He also gave me a little Bazi crash course and taught me how to read my daily Bazi, which is what really sets him apart from other Bazi masters I visited previously. If you’re looking for answers to certain aspects of your life, I recommend him!"

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