Cryptocurrency Outlook 2018

Cryptocurrency Outlook 2018

The market sentiment for cryptocurrencies in Singapore and around the world is generally favourable. At present, more media and experts are covering top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

And if you have not a single idea of what I?m talking about, you are missing out big time to seize opportunities in investing in one of the latest digital currency revolution.

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic these days, especially so after Bitcoin surpassed the USD$8,000 mark on 19th November 2017. Just this year alone, Bitcoin has already increased 800% and still increasing.

The question now is not whether you should invest in Cryptocurrencies, but rather, which coin should you invest?

Which is the next Bitcoin?
Many have earmarked Ethereum as the next Bitcoin. The chart below speaks for itself.

Evidently, Ethereum?s rapid rise in price has placed many people. Having broke the USD$400 price level in June 2017. Till date, Ethereum experienced over 4000% increase.

Outlook For Cryptocurrencies in 2018

Cryptocurrencies is still a new idea to many, and hence, it is still quite volatile and more caution should be exercised while investing in it.

There will be more Initial Coin Offering (ICOs), the cryptocurrency equivalent to Initial Public Offering(IPO) for companies, in the pipeline for 2018. Hence, it would be tough for the average investor on the sideline trying to pick out winning cryptocurrencies without proper information and understanding.

However, it is also noteworthy many people have also profited from Cryptocurrencies and formulated strategies that could minimize

?your investment risks.


How to Profit with Cryptocurrency in 2018

There are many ways that one could employ to profit from Cryptocurrencies. One of the easiest way is to leverage from?people who have experienced first-hand and profited from cryptocurrencies.

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