Does Your House Have Good FengShui?


Feng Shui is an art which has its roots in architecture. Most architects would know a little of Feng Shui, and probably, your house may well have some basic elements of Feng Shui planned out in the design of your house.

However, a good Feng Shui at home has many contributing factors.

We bring you the top 3 factors of good home Feng Shui beliefs that you can use.

1. The Main Door

Main door is situated below ground level.

From a Feng Shui viewpoint, the main door is the main feature of a door that must be evaluated. The QI mouth of your house in which you look out from, and the environment you see outside will determine the Feng Shui of your house.

2. The Bedroom

Your sleep affects your energy and should be placed in proper areas of your home. It should also be based on the Eight Mansions,??Xuan Kong Da Gua or Flying Stars.

Avoid rooms that are round, triangular and even odd-shaped rooms. It is strongly advised to have rooms that are square so that it would help cut off negative QI in the room.


3. The Kitchen

The kitchen is where most many activities of a household takes place. Be it cooking and having meals. It represents Life and Health. A kitchen should always be situated at the side of the house.

Also do not put any stove in front of any door of the kitchen, it would create a junction and thus the QI will rush through the door, hitting the stove and therefore, would cultivate Sha Qi in the cooked food.



A good Feng Shui at home has many contributing factors, which is hard to fully explain here with proper understanding.

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