How To Start Making Money From The Financial Market Without Any Experience

This LIVE seminar will be fully sponsored by Ace Profits Academy, Singapore’s and Malaysia's Leading Wealth Creation and Personal Development Education Platform.

Speaking at this seminar is the co-founder of eSmarts Profits, Mr Marcus Lau.

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About Mr Marcus Lau

Co-Founder of eSmart Profits and Full-Time Trader

Since 2006, with his wealth of experience, Marcus set off to help many individuals and beginners to start their journey in the financial market.

"... leverage on technology and professional traders  ... indicators are like 'cheat codes' that make everything so simple and easy to execute."

The system is very useful as I've gotten lots of practical information from it. In fact, I was wow-ed by how much I didn't know about trading ... how I can leverage on technology and professional traders who do this for a living!

Plus, the system is taught almost like a 'game', and the indicators are like 'cheat codes' that make everything so simple and easy to execute.

It's really amazing how this system can be applied to various financial instruments from commodities to indices to precious metals to CFDs.

- Lim Zi Jie, Engineer

"... getting results like professional traders."

Recently, I attended a trading workshop, where I met Marcus.

I never thought I could get immediate results after learning how to trade on the system by Marcus.

But I earned almost 2% in just 1 month without risking much!

I was actually struggling to even draw basic trading charts, but I'm now getting results like professional traders.

- Nui, Beauty Salon Owner

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In this Free Seminar, you'll discover...

How This 'eSmart Profits System' Can Create Additional Income With Minimal Time And Effort.

Trading in the financial market is profitable, but most people need to spend a lot of time to read charts. This system will simplify everything, saves you lots of time, and make your trades profitable.

Use This Software To Make Profits Everywhere You Go, Anytime You Want!

The eSmarts Profit software will show you profitable trades, when to entry or exit with just your mobile phone.

Make Profits Even If You Are A Complete Beginner Without Any Experience About The Financial Markets.

Most people would tell you that you need to read world news, or understand market trends. With this software, you do not need any technical knowledge to make money from the financial market.

Leverage From The Expertise And Experience By Our Private Community Of Underground Expert Traders.

Making money from the financial market is lonely. With a community of expert traders, you can seek advice and even get profitable trade ideas anytime.

and many other investment strategies to help you become successful in your investment journey...

"... first and only system to give you immediate results!"

The trade copying system is really great, especially when supported by a very well-designed platform that embodies the best trading practices from Marcus's deep experience and analysis.

The copying of various master traders also helps to diversify trades across many strategies and time frames.

As you know, I've attended several trading seminars, but I've never once achieved the results that I now get from your system. This is really the first and only system that gives you immediate results!

I strongly recommend this to all the traders out there, especially if you're like me, where time is always a limiting factor.

- Kai Meng, Business Executive

"... customised trading strategies designed for traders who are still learning."

I was always concerned with my future after school.

I was a year 1 student when I met Marcus during his visit to Hong Kong in 2013. I didn't know him beforehand as it was a friend from Singapore who introduced us over WhatsApp.

Over a dinner, he shared with me the concept of eSmart Profits and the various customised trading strategies designed for traders who are still learning.

I was so glad that I made a decision the next day to open a trading account using their system.

Not only can I generate extra income, Marcus showed me the ways to become a master trader as a profession after graduation.

- Nathan Lau, Final-Year University Student

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Why You Should Attend This Seminar

  • You want to earn additional income by placing your money in a proven trading system.
  • You always wanted to trade the trillion dollar financial markets, but want to know the right way of doing it by learning from an expert.
  • You always wanted to start trading, but don’t know how and where to start.
  • You failed to make money from your trading previously, but want to try again by learning the right way from a veteran expert trader.
  • You want to build up your wealth with multiple streams of income.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I don't have a lot of money to trade? Can I still attend? 

You can still attend, because you don't need a lot of money to trade. Marcus Lau will be there to share with you how he profited from the financial market with his strategy (investment need huge capital, but financial trading only requires a few thousand).

2. Do you have another date and time for this event?

No. Marcus Lau often travel for business trips. Hence, it is very difficult to invite him do free talks like this. If you can't make it for this event, you can still register first, and we will update you if we have similar events in the future.

3. I do not have any technical knowledge or experience in the financial markets. Am I suitable to attend the seminar?

Yes, you can attend. In fact, this FREE seminar (for a limited time only) would be really beneficial for beginners in the financial markets. Be sure to register for the seminar to learn personally from Marcus.

4. Is trading the financial markets risky?

All forms of investment carries certain risks, but the eSmarts Profits system will help you lower your risks to the minimum, so that you can profit to the maximum.


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