Exotic Locations At A Smaller Budget : Travel Tips


Everyone wants to see the world, travel to exotic destinations and have the time of their lives.

However, what separates the people who can achieve this and the ones who can?t is money. It is common knowledge that the European countries (especially Western Europe and Scandinavia) are pretty expensive; so are Japan and various islands on the Pacific Ocean.

However, this common knowledge will differ, depending on whom you ask. Whether any destination is expensive or affordable is determined by how the tourists conduct themselves.

The two major expenses during a trip are transportation and accommodation. After this come food and other miscellaneous expenses. If these expenses are checked, the money spent on a trip comes down considerably.

Mentioned below are some tips to travel to the exotic destinations, on a low budget.

Flight Tickets

It is advised that you book your flight tickets two or three months in advance.

According to rumors, the airfare is the lowest 56 days before the travel date (this hasn?t been confirmed by any airliner, though). Another important trick is to clear your browser history and cookie so that?websites cannot track your flight search and increase the airfare the next time you login.

You might get lower airfares if you check from the Internet Explorer browser in Windows rather than an Opera browser in some MacBook. Visit different websites and compare the fare of the same flight.

Once you have selected your flight make sure to visit their official website to check if the price differs. Skyscanner is a good option to compare airfares.

train travel


Ground Transport

Traveling in trains can save a lot of money when you?re in Europe.

There are passes available for foreign tourists, which allow a visitor to see more places without spending a lot on transportation.

The Eurail is one such example, which offers passes of three types ? country specific, global pass and also regional pass.

Red Bus on the Rainy Street of London in the Night, United Kingd

Traveling in buses can save a lot of money too. The Euro 7 bus pass in Berlin allows a visitor unlimited bus travel within the city for a whole day.

You can check out the transport passes at the entry point to any city, like the airports and train stations.


This is another big decider on whether your trip turns out to be expensive or cheap.

The first thing to do is to check out whether any of your friend lives in any of the places you are visiting, if not then try for a friend?s friend. If that friend or friend?s friend is your fellow countryman, they?ll be more than happy to host you.

BedroomYou can also try websites like Couchsurfing or Hospitality Club, which connects the locals with the tourists. That way, you will be able to get accommodation without spending a penny.

However, you will always have a roommate so there will be a lack of privacy.

In that case you can try Airbnb, which is basically people renting out a spare room in their house, which is usually much cheaper than hotels.

Consider these aspects and you might find that you would still be able to enjoy your trip without bursting a hole in your pocket.