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Drawing Out Your Child’s Potential Together With Us

The holidays have started…but while studying might have stopped…learning will never end.

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Learn About The Simple Method That Helped Propel Children To Their Maximum Potential

  • Taught By Ex-MOE Teacher With Over 15 Years of Experience

  • Developed For Both Primary & Secondary School Students

  • See Improvements In Your Child’s Results In Less Than 6 Months!

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Genius IQ is the first and only learning programme in Singapore designed for BOTH parent and child!


Parents and teachers have a responsibility to pull out the original large potential capabilities any child was born with to the fullest extent through education.

Glance into the future and invest in it together with us...because your children ARE the future!


  • From PSLE To O'Levels

    This programme is specifically catered for children in either primary and secondary school, specially designed to draw out their latent, powerful potential

  • Small Class Sizes For Maximum Attention

    We believe in quality over quantity, therefore we ensure small class sizes to maximise the amount of attention we are able to provide to each and every single child

  • Interactive And Engaging Sessions

    We do not believe in boring classes and cliche activities, and will be holding dynamic sessions that encourage interaction and engagement directly from the children

  • Practical Methods That Produce Results Instantly

    The most exciting part is for parents to see their child’s growth right before their eyes, achieving and expanding their true potential


Top Secrets & Shocking Truths
… about why smart students underachieve or even fail (that even teachers in school don’t know about!).

Simple Step
… you absolutely need to take to help your child overcome his or her low self-esteem from underachieving or failing in school.

Must-Know Power Techniques
… to boost your child’s memory and immediately turn his or her marks around.

Incredible Ways
… you can help your child tap into his or her brain’s full genius potential and unleash it on the one thing that matters: exams.

Most Effective Superfoods
… to turbocharge your child’s brain, so he or she will be more alert and focused in his or her studies and exams!

Magic Formulas
… to quickly transform your child from Maths-hating student into self-motivated, confident and eager learner.

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See What Our Singaporean Mom's Have to Say

Genius IQ has been an awesome learning journey for both me and my child. For me, it was a time to reflect and be inspired to be a better parent. This workshop is not to be missed! It's a must for every parent who truly care and love their children!

Charis Chua Wei Leng
Charis Chua Wei Leng

I think the things taught in Genius IQ are very important. A child's life can be affected if parents don't realise certain 'dos' and 'don'ts'. I highly recommend all parents to attend this programme as I have benefited from it. It's really an eye-opener!

Cindy Ho
Cindy Ho

"I learnt a lot, from the picture technique to the mind mapping technique" 

- Terence, Callista's father

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