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Genius IQ

Intensive Mastery Class

Discover How To Turn Your Child From Maths-Hating Student Into Motivated & Confident Learners FAST

  • Taught By Ex-MOE Teacher With Over 15 Years of Experience

  • Developed For Both Primary & Secondary School Students

  • See Improvements In Your Child’s Results In Less Than 6 Months!

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About Genius IQ

Genius IQ is an intensive learning programme designed to bring the best out of your child in school FAST.

Exploring the very synergies that drive a child’s potential to perform, our holistic curriculum combines the proven practices from our trainer’s days as a MOE teacher and the unique techniques from her vast experience as a mother.

Our promise to you is a child who will be automatically focused and motivated to study and pass his or her year-end exams with flying colours!

What Will You Learn At Genius IQ

Best of all

  •   Spend money on tuition
  •   Constantly check whether your child is studying
  •   Nag at and scold your child

Your Trainer | Ms. Suria Sparks
Coach, Ex-MOE Teacher

For years, Ms. Sparks taught in schools all over Singapore. Having seen her fair share of both top students and those who underachieve or fail, she seeked out to research what makes each group of students tick. What she discovered shocked her; she found out that studying a lot is not the reason why top students score. In fact, every child is already smart.

She decided to quit her teaching job to focus on the Genius IQ learning programme. Her mission? To help every child unleash his or her full genius potential and become self-motivated, confident and eager learners. Since 2000, she has held steadfast to this aim, empowering the lives of over 6,000 students all over the world.

Her efforts have been featured in national newspapers, and she has been invited to speak at various events and schools, including Prime Minister’s Office Singapore, NUS, the United Nations HQ and Harvard Business School.

Anjali came in 3rd in her Secondary 1 class and got promoted from Normal (Technical) to Normal (Academic) after attending the Genius IQ learning programme. Find out how she achieved this HERE.

What Parents Are Saying About Genius IQ

“ Play a lot, study little, but get good results! ”

- Judy, Elijah's mother

“ I learnt a lot, from the picture technique to the mind-mapping technique ”

- Terence, Callista's father

“ This will be a life-changing experience for both you and your child! ”

- Wendy, Wen Jing's mother


Still Hesitating?

If you’ve read this far, you CLEARLY want to know how to turn your child from a Maths-hating student into a self-motivated, confident and eager learner FAST.

You also know that your child’s year-end exams, be it his or her primary 4’s streaming test, PSLE or O Level, is just around the corner and time is running out … so you want to help your child get ready for it and pass it with flying colours!

The Genius IQ learning programme, built upon the bedrock of experience of a former MOE school teacher and her journey as a mother of two, is the exact class for you and and your child.

Every feature of our holistic curriculum has been precisely developed to help your child get up to speed in his or her studies in no time.

Because we believe every success starts with a strong parent-child relationship, we are inviting all parents (yes, you!) to sit in with your child during the programme so that you can see the progress of your child LIVE!

Genius IQ is the first and only learning programme in Singapore designed for both parents and child.

Even if you don’t believe that Genius IQ could be so effective, don’t you owe it to yourself to at least come down and see for yourself?

We would also like to stress that the curriculum that will be taught here is exclusive to this class, so you won’t get it anywhere else. And we only teach it to a few parents and their children each time.

Genius IQ has been an awesome learning journey for both me and my child. For me, it was a time to reflect and be inspired to be a better parent. This workshop is not to be missed! It's a must for every parent who truly care and love their children!

- Charis Chua Wei Leng

I think the things taught in Genius IQ are very important. A child's life can be affected if parents don't realise certain 'dos' and 'don'ts'. I highly recommend all parents to attend this programme as I have benefited from it. It's really an eye-opener!

- Cindy Ho

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Programme Details

10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #10-26, Singapore 079903 (Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit C)

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