Here?s How Much Malaysians Should Be Earning With 10 Years Experience

After more than 10 years as a PMET (Professional, Manager, Executive, Technician), have you wondered how much you should really be earning?

According to a study, here?s the salary white-collar Malaysians should be earning monthly based on their years of experience?


Are you fairly paid for your experience?

While the above salary range is the industry standard, it does not mean every Malaysian PMET is earning that salary. In fact, most Malaysians are earning less than what the market pays.

I do know of people who work in the same job for over 10 years, with just little pay increment over the years. They felt unfair because they should be paid more because of their huge experience.

But due to high living costs in Malaysia, they hung on to their jobs and average salary to pay the bills and ‘hope’ that one day? their boss will recognise their efforts and promote them, and increase their pay.

Do you know you can give yourself a pay raise?

Before we get carried away, let me introduce myself.

I?m Marcus, and I grew up in a small town in Batu Pahat.

Many years ago, after graduated from university, I worked as a Forklift Driver and Cargo Handling Assistant.

I managed to climb through the ranks, and get promoted along the way.

However, just like many fellow hard-working Malaysians who has been working for years, I realized that my salary is not growing, and I?m not fairly paid for my experience.

After working for 15 years, I felt despair and directionless in my career.

It is during this time I was introduced to trading the financial markets.

This decision changed my life completely.

This gives me ideas and possibilities to make additional income.

In other words? giving myself a pay raise, even when my boss doesn?t want to!

I set a goal to make additional income on top of my job.

or perhaps, to earn enough income from trading that could completely replace my current income in the near future.

So I started trading and made money? but there?s a huge problem.

Now that I looked back, I did make good money when I first started trading the financial markets.

But there?s a huge problem.

I need to spend a lot of time doing technical research, analyse the charts, and manually calculate the right time and right price to enter the markets.

On the other hand, I don’t want to be like other traders who want the easy way and take ?shortcuts?, but end up losing lots of money.

This got me to think..

What if there?s a?quick-and-simple way?to turbocharge your wealth??by trading safely and profitably?

This is when me and my trading partner designed and develop a trade automation system to assist ordinary traders like you and me.

And especially for beginners to profit from the world of trading, without all the stress and headaches from trading.

and we called this the eSmart Profits System.

This eSmart System is quite possibly the quickest, the most idiot-proof and the most reliable way to build up a tsunami of trading wealth!

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To put it simply, with the eSmart Profits system, you can

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