How much do you need to retire in Singapore?

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The $1 million dollar truth- why you need $1 million

This very topic was published on Straits Times in 2014

According to the CPF Retirement Calculator, that figure is $1.14 million. Of course, this is calculated based on the assumption that the person is 25, plans to retire by 62 and lives till he is 83. It also takes into account a 3% inflation rate.

As you know everything in Singapore is getting more and more expensive. A plate of chicken rice used to be $2. Now, it has risen to $3.50, some places even up to $5. Due to inflation, what costs $200 today would cost $597 in 35 years later. That?s close to 3 times the original price!

What does this mean? It means that by the time we are at retirement age, our money would be approximately 3 times less than what it is worth today.

value investingImagine you are a 25-year-old fresh grad earning $2,500 a month. You set aside 10% of it, or $250, to save in the bank. When you are 62, how much would you have in your bank? As it turns out, you will have $115,000 (bank interest: 0.05%).

Taking $115,000 and dividing it into 21 years (retiring at 62 and living until 83) would give you only $456 every month to spend on things. That also means you only have a current value of $150 to spend per month.

Imagine surviving with $150 a month today. How many of you can honestly say you can do it?

It is even tough for a secondary school student, what more an adult with a family?!

With this figure in mind, do you now know why everyone is saying just saving in the bank is not enough to retire in Singapore?

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The Way To Retire In Singapore

What is this way? It is simply to invest. With investing, you would definitely get more than the 0.05% interest rate the bank gives you.

Imagine for a moment that you are again the 25-year-old fresh graduate earning $2,500 a month. This time, you set aside 10% of it, or $250, to invest.

investingWhen you are 62, how much would you have in your bank? As it turns out, you will have $1.2 million?! (interest rate: 10%). That?s a whopping 10 times more!

Taking $1.2 million and dividing it into 21 years (retiring at 62 and living until 83) would give you only $4,700 every month to spend on things. That also means you only have a current value of $1,500 to spend per month.

Can you imagine living with $1,500 a month? It?s not a luxurious lifestyle, but at least you would not need to work and can enjoy your retirement thoroughly.

Look at the difference between what investing and not investing has on your lifestyle after you retire. Which lifestyle do you prefer now?

Disclaimer: Investing will only give positive results if you know how, use the right method, enter at the right time, etc.

Not all apples on the tree are ripe

Though you have to invest, knowing how to invest correctly is key. There are many investment products out there. How to choose the right one to invest in? There are stocks, property, bonds, forex and many more. However, which is right for you?

  • Do you want to generate passive income (cash flow you receive even while you are sleeping)?
  • Do you not want to spend your whole day looking at your computer screen studying data?
  • Do you want to retire much earlier than 65?

If so, stock investing is for you. You don?t want just any stock investing course, but the one taught by investing superstar, Pauline.


Pauline is a millionaire and a super investor. ?She collects additional cash for every $100 she invests. Imagine getting $50 for every $100 you invest, $50 in passive income! Of course this is a exaggerated scenario but the concept is very real!

With a 10% interest rate, you would be living with a current value of $1,500 per month when you retire. Now imagine how much you would have if the interest rate is increased to 20%? It would double to become $3,000 per month! Imagine how much more comfortable life will be with a current value of $3,000 every month?

Is there a way to increase my monthly income after retirement? Well, simply invest more money per month and you can potentially have even $5,000 every month, so much so that you won?t know what to do with so much money!

Opportunity of a lifetime

Are you ready to change your retirement lifestyle from struggling to survive to comfortable? If so, get ready as I share with you the best stock investing course in Singapore.

Easy to learn system

This system is very easy to learn. I have seen many people in their 40s and 50s achieving good results after learning the system, people who have never heard of stock investing before. In other words, beginners. If they can also do it, why can?t you?

Great results

This system gives proven great results. People are complaining about the 4% interest rate on their CPF Funds. Using this system, Pauline managed to increase?the usual 4% CPF interest rate by at least 3 times?in just 5 years!?I?m not trying to brag about her achievements. I want to show you how good this system is and just how achievable the results are. These aren?t just numbers I plucked from the sky. These are numbers she achieved.

Little time needed

You might think to achieve these results, you would need to invest long hours every day. What if I told you that you can invest with just a few hours a month? That?s how much time Pauline invest every day! It?s that little time investment needed. Whoever said that you must work very hard to become rich definitely didn?t come across this system.

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