How Ordinary Malaysians Can Cope With Rising Cost of Living

Do you know that the cost of living is going up in Malaysia?Image result for malaysian hawker chicken rice

I remember a plate of chicken rice used to cost only RM4 but now it cost RM6.

Although it is only an increase of RM2, do you know that it is a whopping 50% increase?

At this rate, in a couple of years, a plate of chicken rice will cost you RM10 or even more.

What about housing? Many young adults are delaying marriage because they can’t afford to buy a house. Housing price in KL has been increasing year by year, and it is becoming more out of reach for more Malaysians.

Image result for ringgit weakDo you know Ringgit has been weakening?

Back then when Singapore gained independence in 1965, SGD1: RM1. Our currency is the same value. But now it is SGD1: RM3. Our currency is 1/3 of Singapore dollar.

Singapore has no natural resources and their currency is so strong.

Malaysia is a huge country with so many natural resources but our currency is so weak. That’s why many Malaysians go to Singapore to work so they can earn more to cope with the rising cost of living.

Everything in Malaysia is getting expensive. Everything is rising. But you know what?

Your salary is not increasing!

Like it or not, inflation is real and you will suffer from it if you’re not prepared for it.

Right now, you can be one of those people who is cursing and swearing at the rising cost of everything… or someone who take action to do something about it.

Many Malaysians understand the issues in rising cost of living.

So they have been finding ways to earn additional income to combat this issue.

A handful of Malaysians know that trading the financial market can generate decent additional income for them. Much more, when you’re trading in the financial market, your profits is in US Dollars.

Imagine you make USD$1000 a month only. This amount is small but when you change it to Ringgit, it is about RM4000. This side income may be more than your monthly salary.

Image result for financial marketThe financial market has been around for a long time but many people are scared to trade. Many find it stressful as they need to read charts and understand how the financial market works.

With the aid of advanced technology and the ease of access through smartphones, People are able to trade the financial markets without staring whole day at charts or chasing latest economic news.

With the latest software, people with no prior knowledge of financial trading will be able to start trading profitably and using minimal time per day. This is why money trading from home is getting more popular with Malaysian.

Now, if you are still reading, you may be interested to learn how you can start money trading from home… but

– You do not know what is financial trading
– You have no idea how to start
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