How to Create a Blog That People Enjoy Reading

Blogging is the new sensation on social media where one is free to express themselves to the world. You share your opinions by regularly updating the content on your site known as your blog. It could be anything that shows your interest and passion.

Bloggers are the person who are fearless in typing their opinions and wants to pen down their opinions so it can make a difference. But, we need to remember that there are certain important guidelines to follow before you start a blog and win you readers.

Focus on your audience

Once you start with your blog, you should remember that blogging is not about you but it is about your readers. You need to write an article which are based on three main questions:

  • ?Whom am I writing for?
  • How can I help them?
  • Why should they read what I write?

You need to give them a reason to stop at your blog and spare few minutes to read.

Target emotions

Not every reader value the content you are typing as most of the readers are casual people who doesn?t even think twice before clicking on an article. Any article connected to their emotions like child abuse, porn addiction, child?s safety etc will eventually lead them to click on your article and read it if they are a parent.

Use these emotions carefully and understand what topics audience enjoy reading based on their emotions and use it to your advantage.

Keep it simple and eye-catching

Try to keep your headline simple and eye-catching as headline is where you either win or lose your battle.Never indulge in showing off your English as most of the time the readers are not the native English speakers. Many times a reader is in the mid of a chore and he stops by to finish reading an article because of a catchy headline as he continues with his work so don?t give him an excuse to leave it midway due to annoying English words.

Edit your work

Edit your work as much as you can and try to keep it as crisp and short as possible. When you edit your work, make sure that you re-arrange your sentences and rethink your opinions before finalizing a draft.

Excessive words will make reader lose interest in the content and try to add humor and fun to keep your readers interest in your favor.

Patience is the key to success

It takes time and patience to build your audience and find committed readers. Nothing comes easy and so is blogging, which takes time and effort on your part to reach out to your audience and win their attention.

Many bloggers give up at the initial stages and lose focus. All the successful blogs of today were struggling to win readers when they launched themselves on social media and you are no different than any of them. So keep trying and never give up.

The world is selfish and rude

When you start posting your opinions or express your point of view, you will realize that there are hardly any people who are interested in listening to your voice. Not everyone has a time to listen to you and most of the times many harsh comments leaves you shattered. Never let these remarks impact you or lose your focus as a blogger.

You need to understand that posting on a blog not only allows you to voice out your opinions but it also allows criticism and harshness your way that requires a proper dealing or else you will end up depressed and losing interest in your blog.

Memes and Polls sparks interests

Try to add some fun Memes to your blog or post some interesting polls that will eventually lead your readers to the blog.

So if you want people to read your blog, try to grab their interest and keep them entertained or else you are not doing justice to your readers. You need to learn to adapt yourselves according to your readers before you win some loyal and trustworthy ones. So keep trying and you will definitely reap benefits in a long term.