How To Stretch Your Weekend As Though It’s A Long Holiday

2016 was the absolute worst, wouldn?t you agree?

While it was in a bad year in general for everyone, even the weekends seemed to go away fast while the weekdays continued to stretch till you were exhausted and the only thing in your mind was sleeping and eating.

So, when you prepare your list of New Year resolutions, remember to vow to yourself that you will make the most of your weekends and stretch it out with the few tricks we are going to dish out in this article.

Pay close attention!

1.) Schedule Every Second

We know that you are tired of managing your time table so that you can get your work done on the weekdays and the last thing on your mind for the weekends would be to maintain an itinerary.

But just hear us out.

Planning your time during the weekend ensures that you don?t waste the whole weekend sleeping but instead trying out all the things you wanted to do during the weekends.

2.) Make New Memories

It can be unbelievably tempting to making the couch your nesting place and watching movies on it from Friday to Sunday.

But your weekends should not be about lying around but rather spending time with your loved ones and making memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Take your wife to a movie theatre for a romantic comedy, eat out at a fancy restaurant or take a short trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

3.) Indulge Yourself In A Luxurious Bath

You have worked hard enough on the weekdays and it?s finally time to reap your benefits.

Buy yourself some bath bombs and watch them dissolve with childish glee or else get all fancy and pour a few drops of essential oils and some petals and allow your body to soak in all the goodness.

You?ll begin to feel rejuvenated in a few minutes and will be ready to tackle whatever Monday throws at you!

4.) Face Your Fears & Do the Chores

When you don?t spend time in your home during the weekdays, chores tend to pile up.

It is important to enjoy and relax ourselves during the weekends after a long week of work. However, when there are chores to be done, it is also our responsibility to extend a helping hand to our loved ones.

While they do the dishes, we could help to clean the floors or keep the laundry.

This way not only will the chores get done faster, our loved ones would also appreciate our help and effort.

5.)Rise and Shine

Don?t sleep in late just because you don?t have to go anywhere. Get up at your usual time or even before if possible and focus on your physical fitness by jogging or simply walking.

Now that you have made the most of your weekend, it?s time to stop sulking and face the Mondays! Another weekend will come knocking at your door soon enough!