Confession By A Singaporean Million-Dollar Stock Trader

Stock Investing Is Dead...

...Unless You're Ultra Rich!

The Little Known Investing Lie That Many 'Gurus' Never Tell You

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Why You Need To Know This

Many Malaysians nowadays know that depending on a single source of income (our salary) is not the way to achieve our financial goals in life.

Worse, if we just depend on our salary, we will hardly survive in this country where costs of living keep increasing.

This is why the current generation of millennials are taking efforts to build a second stream of income, to make their ‘money work for them’.

And one of the most talked-about ways to grow your wealth, is investing.

Yes, your money is rotting in the bank, as it gives you just 0.1% every year.

If you can invest your money in the stock market, you can beat inflation easily by generating around 15 to 20% every year (if you know how to invest).

That is true.

World's richest investor Warren Buffet made his billions, just by generating between 20 to 25% over a period of 30 years.

But if this is the reason you want to go into investing... STOP.

Let me explain further.

Investing Is Dead, Unless...

Before I started trading, I read about books on investing. I read about how some of the world's richest investors like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and Li Ka Shing made billions of dollars just by investing, generating an average of 20-25% annual returns.

I thought of investing my $10,000 capital in Singapore stock market… until I did some maths.

If I can invest as well as Warren Buffett and get 20% annual return, my $10,000 capital will give me $2000 after a year.

Not bad.

But $2000 a year just means $166 a month. Or $5.50 a day.

Wow. This blew my mind. Even if I managed to invest like Warren Buffett, the most I can make is just $5.50 a day.

And the reason why my returns are so little, is because I don’t have a huge capital to begin with.

But if you have a huge capital to start with, that's a different story.

Say this person starts investing with $300,000, and with a poor investment strategy, he only managed a lower 10% annual returns.

Now...even with a much lower return than me, he can still make $30,000 a year or $2500 passive income a month!

Now… this is a more attractive sum you can retire on!

That is why I said earlier, unless you’re ultra-rich, don’t invest.

This is also why I turned to stock trading!

I Made My First Million From Trading... Not Investing!

Hi, I’m Ronald K. You may have known me as a stock market investor and psychologist. You may have seen my three interviews on Sunday Times Invest.

I also made my first million just by trading shares from Singapore Stock Market only. Till date, I’ve traded more than 10 million shares in SGX.

And the best part?

My 6 figure trading profits … all started from just a few thousand dollars capital.

And that is what I love about stock trading.

Using little capital to make huge 6 to 7 figures profits.

Because of my results, I’ve also been invited by various financial institutions and brokerage houses to share my knowledge to teach their members how to trade the Singapore market.

Singapore Stock Market Can Be Really Profitable… Only If You Know This DARK Secret.

Many Singaporeans want to profit from the Singapore stock market. Malaysians also trade the Singapore market because they can earn 3x more from the currency rate.

But sadly, most of them got ’slaughtered’ by the BIG Players.

Many Singaporeans invest mainly based on technical analysis, or fundamental analysis, or worse… based on insider news or gut feel!

All these really doesn’t help! I know because I was like most of you when I first started out!

But once I knew the DARK Secret of Singapore Stock Market… making profits from the markets can be easy and straightforward.

How To Trade And Make Real Profits From Stock Trading?

Stock trading is a highly profitable skill. It has changed my life tremendously, and improved the lives of my students too.

If you’re interested to kick start your stock trading journey, I strongly advise to get yourself educated in my upcoming seminar.

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