How To Invest In Properties With Capital Gains And High Rental Yields - Despite The New Property Cooling Measures


About The Seminar

You’ve been thinking about investing in properties.


You’ve read the books, magazines and reports. You’ve been checking out properties on PropertyGuru religiously.


Yet when the opportunity arises, you STOP.


You’re not alone. Statistically, less than 7% of Singaporeans own an investment property (a second or third property earning rental or capital gains), and most of them are high net-worth individuals.


It is not surprising. The truth is, Singapore properties are expensive and most of us struggle to buy beyond our first property (which they are living in).


Most people are deterred by the large amount of capital required, cooling measures and risks involved. Many of us do not even know how to begin.


However, we do not have to remain this way.



Back in 2008, Dr. Patrick Liew shared the “MAPIC Blueprint” on how to find quality properties to invest in with very low capital to his friends and family.


Over the years, Dr. Patrick has amassed a fortune by investing in multiple properties using the exact strategy.


And the SECRET here is: Dr. Patrick Liew has never had to sell any of his properties. The investments are so STABLE and consistent in generating rental yields that there is almost no reason to sell.


Are you ready to start investing NOW in properties and take advantage of the property market - all with minimum capital?

To help you begin your journey, Dr. Patrick will teach this to you - face to face completely FREE!

What Else You Will Learn

Dr. Patrick Liew’s MAPIC Property Investing Blueprint

  • Discover the M.A.P.I.C formula… that gives leverage to any budding property investor to invest with little or no risks
  • Discover the BIGGEST SECRET to identifying undervalued, under-appreciated properties that you can easily turn hands for profit
  • How to invest in a property with minimum money down
  • How to actively minimize your risk without cutting into your profit?
  • How to invest not only for capital gains but also high rental yields (8% to 12%)
  • Discover how you can profit from the panic and start to grow and build your asset portfolio the SAFE and SIMPLE way

This Month Update In 2019!

How The New Cooling Measures Affects Property Investments

  • With the New Cooling Measures, how does it impact property investing?
  • Learn how to invest in properties DESPITE the major Cooling Measures

Our Speaker

Dr. Patrick Liew is one of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors. He has helped to take three companies public in Singapore, Australia, and the USA.

He is a founder of Success Resources, arguably the largest personal development seminar company in the world and a major shareholder of a publicly-listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Previously, he was the CEO and Chairman of HSR Global Ltd (currently known as 3Cnergy Ltd), a publicly-listed company on Singapore Exchange (SGX-ST).

Patrick provides leadership and advisory services to many professional and charity organisations. He is actively involved in supporting humanitarian, philanthropic, and charity causes. He has helped to organise many social missions and in the process, helped to set four records in the Singapore Book of Records and a record in the Guinness World Record.

He has won numerous awards including the Global Leader Award, Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award, and the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Social Contributions.

Ace Profits Academy is proudly invite Dr. Patrick Liew's to share his MAPIC Property Investing Blueprint.


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