Jialat! Salary Not Rising, But Everything Else Is! How?

Discover How You Can Use This 'Money Multiplier' Method To Grow Your Income Faster Than The Crazy Cost Of Living

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Let’s be honest.

Everything in Singapore is getting more expensive.

Home prices are going up.
Food prices are going up.
Electricity bill is going up.

And …

even the cost of basic water supply is going up.

But do you know what is not going up?

Yes, your salary is still the same.

In fact, with inflation rising by 4% every year, you will find yourself having lesser and lesser money in the bank.

The $0.60 kopi you had in the past is now $1.

Doesn’t sound much, but in the same time, the $300,000 HDB flat is now $1 million! Imagine what it’s going to cost in 5 years!

You could choose to save more money, but you won’t end up saving much anyway.

Do you know that your bank is only paying out a maximum of 0.1% interest rate per annum on most savings accounts?

Now, let’s do the math. If you have $10,000 in your savings account at the end of this year, you will get a return of just $10!

It’s not even enough for more than two meals!

Is there another strategy for you to grow your wealth at a much faster rate so that you can have enough money to have your daily kopi and possibly afford a HDB flat in 5 years’ time?

The answer is YES!

Many ordinary Singaporeans have turned to this ‘money multiplier’ method to get much higher returns every year and grow their money so that they no longer have to worry about the rising cost of living or their salary becoming stagnant.

Introducing ...

Value Investing - The Super Method To Building Massive Income

Buffett, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, poses for a portrait in New YorkValue investing is an investment strategy used by many world-renowned individuals like Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Charlie Munger, Peter Lynch, Sir John Templeton and many more.

They have used this concept to grow and compound their wealth multiple times.

This is also the method I use to multiply my money and generate passive income year after year.

How does it work?

To put it simply, value investing is about buying shares in a right company that will put your money to good use by growing itself and earning more profits. In turn, you, the shareholder, gets rewarded with a higher share price or even good dividends.

Let me share with you one of the investments that my mentor made.

Investing In A Goose That Lays Many Many Golden Eggs For You

sgx-picBack in 2003, he bought this stock SGX at $1.60.

In the same year, SGX gave its shareholders a dividend of $0.051 per share. This was a dividend yield about 3%.

Not a lot, but still higher than that 0.1% yield your bank pays you for keeping your money with them.

That’s not all.

In 2004, the dividend issued was $0.108 per share (doubled from 2003).

In 2005, the dividend issued was $0.085 per share (it dropped slightly…)

In 2006, the dividend issued was $0.162 per share (ok.. it doubled again!)

In 2007, the dividend issued was $0.36 per share (more than doubled again!!)

While the dividends he collected increased every year, the price of the shares also increased.


Don't forget, he bought it at $1.60 in 2003, and the share price in 2008 was over $8.00! (which meant a return of over 500% in 5 years!)

He bought a small golden goose in 2003. It grew and started to lay golden eggs every year. Then it grew and laid even more golden eggs. Then it grew again and laid more golden eggs ... well, you see the pattern.


3 Crazy Benefits Of Growing Your Money This Way

1. One-time effort for multiple returns


As you can see, the SGX shares this investor bought in 2003 (one-time effort) kept paying him dividends (passive income!). He only had to do his homework once to make sure that the shares he bought was in a good business that will generate free cashflow and reward its shareholders handsomely.

So you see, he did his homework in 2003, bought the shares, and he collected its returns over and over again.

No extra work from him (other than counting the money they sent him!)


2. Special dividends In Addition to the Ordinary dividends (Extra money!)


Whatever I showed you above were just the ordinary dividends SGX gave out. However, SGX also gives out special dividends, which is extra dividend on top of the ordinary dividend!

In 2003, they paid an ordinary dividend of $0.051. But they also paid a special dividend of $0.34! This made the total dividend for that year at $0.39 per share!

Let’s do a simple math again:
He bought the shares in 2003 at $1.60, he received dividend of $0.39. This means the dividend yield for that year was 24.3%!

Not only that.

In 2005, SGX paid an ordinary dividends of $0.085. They also paid another special dividend of $0.15. This made the total dividend out to be $0.235 per share!

Who wouldn’t love this kind of passive income, which keeps giving you good returns, PLUS more returns when their business is good?


3. Nanny Nanny Poo Poo You Cannot Tax Me!


My mentor made $1.6 million in passive income in 2015.

But that's not the best part.

The best part is… all his passive income derived from stock dividends, is not taxable! This entire sum of $1.6 million is his to keep, and IRAS can’t take a single cent from him!

This is because in Singapore, and also in Malaysia and Hong Kong, we have a single tax structure. The company will get taxed, but the rest of the cash that's distributed to shareholders won’t get taxed.

Wow, isn’t this wonderful?

On the other hand, if you are earning $1.6 million as a salary, you have to pay more than $200,000 in tax to the government (much like giving a free Mercedes C-Class to IRAS every year!)


"So ... How Much Can I Grow My Income?"

As you can see, value investing is a rewarding method for growing your income.

In just 5 years, you have a chance of generating a return of over 500%!

Better yet, there’s no need for constant monitoring or worrying. But if you don’t know how to evaluate companies and know what to invest in, you’re basically gambling.

That's why before you jump into value investing, you need to learn how to do it first!

If you want to learn how to use value investing to grow your money by 25% - 30% annually (compared to a maximum of just 0.1% annually if you keep your money in a normal savings account), earn passive income from dividends even after you stop working and do it in a safe way, then let me share with you ...


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