Let Us All Disconnect In Order To Really Connect With Our Near And Dear Ones


In this era, where social networking sites have become so dominant, it helps us to connect with our far away friends, family, relatives through Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Although they provide so many advantages, nothing compares to the quality time that we spend in an actual face- to-face conversation.

There are few areas in our lives where we need to actually disconnect in order to connect with the real situation. They are as follows:

1.) Personal Relationship

With the advancement of technology, people interact through the social media with the help of an app, few pictures and even some of the pick-up lines.

Online dating app against person using tablet computer in cafe

Sometimes when we are out on a date, there is a continuous scrolling of the news feed on the phone?s screen and we hardly notice our partners. When we are interacting in person, we must focus on the small things in order to make the connection deeper.

?2.) Professional Space

In a professional culture, people communicate more through the social sites and keep chatting through the messaging app.

Sometimes they are even warned of the posts that they share online which is why the way we portray ourselves in the professional world is important.

3.) Family and friends ?

When there is a family gathering or a marriage function, it is seen that most of them are busy with their phones, clicking pictures and posting them.

Question arises, what?s the use of it? A few likes, comments and nothing else. We lose the connection with the people who are around us.

Technology has taken away the basic communication that one needs to deepen and nurture the relationship.

In order to improve communication and better connect with people we care about, here are some tips for you!?

1.)?We must spend some quality time

In today?s busy world, where people hardly get any time, one must schedule spending some time with their close ones.?This may include vacations, or even sometimes a small lunch or a dinner may help.

2.) Focus is the key

When communicating in person, be with them for that moment. Listen carefully, pay attention and ask them about their lives.

This leads to deepen the relationship and enhances the connection.

3.)?Bring out the real you

While connecting, one must remain authentic.

Share your thoughts and ideas with the one you care about and give them the assurance of safety while they share about themselves to you.

Most importantly, show love and compassion to the ones close to you!

Loving gestures are very important. Show them that you love and care about them. Even the smallest efforts counts!