Discover Your Child’s Inborn Talents Today With 99.9% Accuracy Through Genetic Profiling!


This Clinically Proven Test Has Helped Over 1,000 Parents To Put Their Children On the Right Direction to Success From An Early Age

  • Carried out by a dedicated team of doctors, psychologists, scientists & researchers

  • Receive Test Results Within 30 Days!

  • Originated in the US

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Are You Still Guessing What Your Child Is Talented In?

“When my daughter was 7, she wanted to learn how to play the piano, so I invested in a piano for her and signed her up for expensive piano classes. I had hoped her interest would turn into a useful talent for the future. But just 6 months later, she lost her passion for the piano. Instead, she wanted to take up ballet because all her friends were doing it. I enrolled her for ballet lessons, but again, she lost interest after only a few months … all that time and money wasted.”

It’s a dilemma that most of us parents face - do we go all out to support our children’s dreams and ambitions, or do we pick out what we think our children will like in an effort to save time and money?

As parents, we all want the best for our children. But trying to nurture them for success early can be tricky thanks to our children’s fickle-minded behaviour. So most of us end up in an endless cycle of trial and error, guesswork or experimentation.

Well, guess no more ...

Parent with Confidence and Certainty

With genetic profiling, you no longer have to second-guess your child’s path to success. What you have is a safe, easy and clinically accurate way of discovering your child’s natural talents, abilities and personality traits.

  • Give your child a headstart in life by grooming him or her according to his or her inherent talents and abilities.

  • Invest your effort and resources in only the right classes and development programmes.

  • Avoid unwanted arguments with your child as a result of forcing him or her to do things he or she isn’t comfortable with.

  • Promote high self-esteem and confidence in your child from an early age.

  • Adopt effective child discipline by adjusting your parenting strategies to suit your child’s personality.

  • Predict potential problems with your child and intervene early before they become difficult to reverse.

Genetic profiling has helped me to understand my daughter better. Now that I'm armed with this knowledge, I know how to enhance her activities accordingly and what to look out for in the future.

Jamie Yeo, Radio DJ, Singapore


This is a priceless test that I imagine all parents would want for their children. If I had the test done years ago, I would have developed and reached my full potential that could have catapulted me to greater heights of success even earlier in life. 

Taufik Hidayat, Former Professional Badminton Player & Olympic Champion, Indonesia


About Map My Gene

We are a genetic testing company based in the US. Harnessing the latest in cutting-edge biochemical technology and backed by a dedicated team of doctors, psychologists, scientists and researchers, we specialise in uncovering what education experts are calling the ‘missing puzzle’ - in other words, your child’s hidden potential - so that he or she can be set on the right path to success from an early age. Since 2009, we have held steadfast to this mission, bringing the benefits of genetic profiling to over 1,000 families. Today, we are expanding our footprint to more countries, including Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Guest Speaker for Your FREE Talk

Mr. Jason Ng
Parenting Coach, Trainer, Author

Armed with a decade’s worth of experience in parent-child relationship management, Mr. Ng is widely regarded as the leading parenting coach in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. As a former advisor with a major pre-school centre in Singapore and a government-appointed speaker for family matters in schools, he brings to the table advanced parenting skills. He also regularly shares his insights on national TV and radio. His book, ‘Net Alert! Helping Your Child Overcome Internet Addiction By Building Strong Relationships’, is available in major bookstores.

What Can You Expect At The Talk?

  • Learn to take advantage of genetic profiling and raise your child to be a champion.
  • Know the differences between Nature vs. Nurture and Interest vs. Talent.
  • Understand how genetics influence your child’s ability to excel.
  • Take home practical ways to groom your child’s natural talents.
  • Get up close and personal with our acclaimed guest speaker for expert parenting advice.

How Is Genetic Profiling Performed?

What Will You Discover From Genetic Profiling?


Our genetic tests predict your child’s inborn talents and traits with 99.9% accuracy. There are 46 talents and traits spread across 8 distinct categories.



Athletic Abilities



Physical Fitness


Sensitivity to Secondhand Smoke

Artistic Talents



Still Hesitating?

If you’ve read this far, you clearly want to know how you can discover your child’s inborn talents in a safe, easy and accurate manner …

because which parent doesn’t want to nurture his or her child for success from an early age?

Our genetic profiling, built on the back of cutting-edge biochemical technology and our dedicated team of doctors, psychologists, scientists and researchers, has been used by over 1,000 parents to bring the best out of their children.

We have also designed our report to be extensive, yet specific, so you can immediately see what your child is talented in and prepare to groom him or her accordingly.

Your child could be the next Albert Einstein! You just don’t know it yet.

This is the missing puzzle that I've been searching for. If you could just spend a fraction of your time on this test, life will never be the same again. Knowledge is power, but advanced knowledge changes destiny! The choice is in your hands. Take action now and give your loved ones a headstart!

Dr. Ernest Wong, Cognitive Psychologist, Singapore


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