How To Live A Life Without...

PAIN Or STRESS By Aligning Your Subconscious...

In Just Few Minutes A Day!

This seminar (worth $297) is fully sponsored by Ace Profits Academy, Singapore’s Leading Wealth Creation and Personal Development Education Platform.

Speaking at the seminar is Master Your Mind Expert, Master CK Tan.

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About Master CK Tan

Founder of Master Your Mind System. He has helped many students to free their pain, aches, success blocks and other internal block that stop you from achieving your full potential.

The ultimate breakthrough in subconscious communication, combining modern science and a 2,500 year old ancient system that would reduce or eliminate aches and pain!

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In This Live 3 Hours Training, Master Ck Will Show You...

Why certain pains, aches, allergies, phobias, depressions, panic attacks and mental illnesses that has been torturing you for years MAY NOT be caused by physical issues and how you can get rid of them in 3 minutes or less!

What you can do in 20 minutes each day that will accelerate your way to success, have a pain free body and build better relationships!

What you can do to help you and your loved ones lead a "Stress-Free" Life with a simple technique even a 7 year old kid could do.

How your subconscious is stopping you from achieving what you want in life, like becoming a successful trader, creating wealth, starting a successful business, and how to eliminate it in as fast as 3 minutes!

People With These Problems Had Attended Our Seminar:

Here's What I Will Show You...

When you follow this system and allow it to work its magic, you’ll be astounded by the results.

You will be awed and wonder at your ability to heal yourself and others with nothing more than aligning your sub-conscious mind.

You’ll be astonished by how fast, this simple and easy-to-learn this system works.

Eventually, the people you worked with will be amazed at how you find the dis alignment that have been in the bodies.

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Here is what our past participants have to say about ALIGNING YOUR SUB-CONSCIOUS for Health, Wealth and Happiness:

Jeffrey Slayter (Jeff and Kane) Best Selling Author, Trainer, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Jeffrey Slayter & Kane Minkus have been named the #1 Global Business Coaches” by their Fortune 500 CEO clients all over the world where they have consulted and coached: including Disney, Warner Bros, Sony, Apple, and other large corporations such as Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, Zynga and many more.

Thousands of Satisfied Participants CAN'T BE WRONG!

“Amazing, Incredible, Impressive…"

- Gerald Chuah, Journalist, The New Straits Times Press

"Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic! Master CK Tan shared everything whole heartedly!”

- Bong Eng Hua, Founder & Master Trainer at Self-Empowerment Coach

“I’m grateful and thankful for attending such a great seminar! "

- Ryca Ang, Spa Manager

“I’m very grateful to be in this community, coming together to help more people."

- Denver Ng, Pharmacist

“I would like to start with a Thank You note for removing the pain and agony that has stayed on with me for many many years."

- Marsha Choo, Senior Director Unicity Malaysia

“I personally witnessed the transformation of people whom I know in the class by Master Tan. 15 years, 10 years of suffering being removed within 1 or 2 minutes, that’s totally amazing!"

- Edward Lee, Entrepreneur

“A journey into self-discovery” what you do not know about yourself! After all, all of us want to be a better person. Yes, we can make a difference, a positive change, it starts with making a commitment.”

- Chew Siang Fatt

“I have enjoyed this seminar tremendously and even though I already knew some of the information previously, what I learnt were new ways of using the information. The new things i learnt means that I have more tools to use to help myself and others. The demonstration were really powerful and effective. I can’t wait to use what I have learnt and also look forward to learning advanced techniques. The group that I was in was a fantastic group and it is very reassuring to meet others with the same goals.”

- Meng Fong

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