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Discover How Anyone Can Make Consistent Passive Income Using This “Little-Known Trading Secret”, With 90% Winning Rate!

This is NOT Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Gold or other risky types of trading.

It’s a trading strategy anyone can start with low capital, and high 90% win rate, using just 5-10 minutes every day.

Introducing... "The Secrets Of Making Passive Income In Trading" Seminar!

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Hi, It's Daniel Loh here.

I am an investment coach that specializes in equities and derivatives trading.

Some of you might have already heard or seen me around as I am regularly featured on financial TV programmes such as Good Morning Singapore and Hello Singapore.

I am also being interviewed bi-weekly on radio station FM95.8. So, you might have heard my voice through the radio while you were driving as well.

In the last 5 years, I have earned a consistent 5-6 figure income from trading almost every month with a 95% winning probability.

It is during at this period, I was invited by various media channels and financial institutions to share my trading strategies with ordinary Singaporeans to help them create regular income from trading.

Here’s the good news…

I will be sharing my trading secrets with you in my upcoming seminar.

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Anyone can start trading stock options and earn consistent and passive income, all you need is to follow my proven and successful strategy.

In the past 7 years, I have trained thousands of students how to trade stock options and make consistent passive income every month.

Compared to many other financial trading, here’s why I choose to trade stock options, and why so many of my students has success with it:

  • A much cheaper instrument to trade compared to stocks
  • Anyone can start to trade with a small capital, as little as US$2000
  • You can make consistent income every month (only possible in option trading)
  • You can know how much you will make the following month (only option traders can predict their trade income next month! )
  • You can expect an average return of 10% a month, with 90% chance of winning 

Here’s the good news.

I am now extending an invitation for you to attend my Free training programme where I will share my option trading strategy and answer any of your burning questions.

The Secrets Of Making Passive Income In Trading

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On top of sharing my option trading strategy, I will also share with you...

  • The opportunities in the current gloomy economic situation of 2017, and how can profit from it (this opportunity only comes once every few years, and you don't want to miss it!)
  • How Warren Buffet and other big players protect and hedge their trades (when you know this, you will learn how professional fund managers achieve 90% win rate consistently!)
  • How to make money even in a recession (which is already happening since end 2016...)
  • How to you protect your trades through buying an 'insurance' so that your losses are small even if there is a sudden panic or market crash.
  • How to make 5-10% return consistently in almost every month as an investor? (My students and I have been achieving this for years)
  • The 3 key important ingredients you need to have to be a successful investor
  • ACTUAL case studies and more...
  • PLUS, an opportunity to ask any questions you want about trading, and career as a full time trader during the seminar
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Eh? You're still here?'s what some people say about the seminar

Willy Lee Willy Lee, Employee Turned Full-Time Trader

Generated 1,000% Returns Within 1 year

"I made USD$80,000 from USD$8,000 within a year. Thank you Daniel for teaching me the strategies to make consistent income every month. Thank you!"

Aloysius Aloysius, Businessman & Investor

Generated Over 500% Returns Within 3 Months

"I started with an account of US$5,000. I grow my account to US$29,000 in just 3 months. Daniel's methods are really easy to apply and most importantly, it works!"

Ray Loke Ray Loke, Undergraduate Student

I used the trading techniques Daniel taught and it is really easy to make money! I made around $1700 profit already!  Good to know that I can make some extra money while studying in school!

Jackie Char Jackie Char , Former Construction supervisor turned Full time trader

“I quit my job after attending Daniel’s class to become a full time trader. I make around US$100,000 in 6 months. I am glad I made the right decision to become a full time trader. Thank you Daniel.”

I’m a full time option trader for the past 12 years and have been able to become financially free through applying my option trading strategies using 5-10 minutes a day.

Many students have also achieved significant and impressive results by applying what I’ve taught.

Now, I’m going to show you how to do it in my upcoming training 100% Free.

All you have to do is to simply register the FREE training event and show up for the training!

My sharing sessions are always packed with individuals learning how to make real income from options trading, with low capital and low risk. I expect this upcoming seminar to be full too.

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Daniel Loh

Investment Coach, Trainer, Speaker


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