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The property market is probably one of the most profitable fields to get into.

But it’s easy to make mistakes and lose money if you aren’t sure of:

     - What kind of property to buy in each area
     - Who to buy from
     - When to buy and when to sell
     - Why you’re buying
     - How to negotiate for a good deal

I know because I was once alone - and I lost thousands and thousands in the property market!

That is, until I came together with a few other like-minded property investors and started benefiting from the knowledge and tips shared between all the members in the group.

Today, our humble group has grown into the LARGEST property investment community in Singapore with over 3,000 members!

Besides investing in properties in Singapore, we regularly organise trips to countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Australia to research investment opportunities … and well, have fun!

To me, success is all about finding the right people beside me.

Consider this.

Would you prefer to learn from others’ mistakes, gain a headstart in your investment decisions and portfolio, and reap HUGE profits at the end of the day …

or would you rather make mistakes without knowing how and why you made those mistakes in the first place, suffer a setback in your investments, and lose thousands and thousands of dollars?

Well, you know which option I chose.

One of our group trips to Australia

When you join our community, you not only get to mingle with, talk to and learn from hundreds of people who are experienced - and dare I say veterans! - of the property market, but also receive feedback and encouragement from them.

I’m sure everyone can agree that positive influence from the people around us is very important when it comes to achieving our dreams.

If you want to win BIG in the property market and make HUGE profits within a few short years, you need people who tell you “You CAN do it!” rather than people who tell you “Cannot one la!”.

You keep hearing me say huge profits - this is because I really mean it!

You see, one of the most SHIOK benefits of joining a property investment community is that you get to buy properties with us.

Together, our money is even enough to buy the whole building, giving us - giving you! - MASSIVE bulk discounts and eventually, crazy profits when you sell the property.

If you like what I have shared so far, then you need to attend my FREE property investment seminar.

I can’t wait to tell you more about our family and the things we can achieve together!

Ivan joined us … and here’s what he has to say:

"I consider attending this property investment seminar as one of the best decisions I've made in my life. Although I've invested in properties before, I didn't have a systematic way of evaluating properties until I met Jerome, the lead trainer for the programme. I've benefited not only from the knowledge and experience of the trainer, but also the network from other like-minded property investors."

- Ivan Loh, Investor

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About Me

My name is Jerome Tan.

I started Singapore’s now largest property investment community in 2000 with the aim of helping everyday Singaporeans build a multi-million property portfolio.

I was inspired by the fact that 99% of Singaporeans became millionaires directly or indirectly through investing in properties.

In fact, 3 out of the 10 richest people in Singapore made their wealth through real estate!

So I got my head cracking on how I could start investing in properties with little to no capital … since well, I myself also didn’t have much money to begin with.

After hours upon hours of research and experimentation, I finally discovered the little-known method that lets me own multiple properties without much money at all.

Today, I own and co-own over 100 properties around the world.

I’m still using this strategy to fund my property investments.

It’s not a miracle - it’s the result of having many many like-minded investors come together to share knowledge and tips, learn from each other, evaluate investment opportunities, encourage each other and get good deals on properties, which allow us to make huge profits down the line!

My mentor once told me that if I make it one day, I must contribute back to society.

This is why I’m inviting you to be part of our property investment community.

"I'm very thankful for Jerome. I learnt strategies to acquire and make money from properties. Jerome's personal experience is very insightful, guiding me to avoid potential investment pitfalls. Before attending the programme, I had 1 property with no definite strategy. Now, I have 7 properties. Being part of the community has helped me to achieve my goals - to be financially free."

- Mel Gumban, Entrepreneur

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What We Discuss In Our Community

  • How you can become a millionaire even with an average income by building a multi-million property portfolio with little to NO capital
  • Learn how to LEVERAGE ON Other People's Money (OPM) to grow your investment portfolio so that you can retire earlier than 65!
  • The system that allows you to select undervalued properties just like Donald Trump so that you can reap immediate returns on your investment.
  • Real-life case studies of property investments on how you can buy undervalued properties with little downpayment. (The exact strategy that I used to go from bankrupt to property millionaire in just 7 years!)
  • My secrets to investing in the fast-developing regions and the hottest property opportunities you MUST buy (No! I'm not talking about residential properties!)
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What Our Community Members Have To Say

"I'm surprised that I managed to own 4 properties within 2 months after joining the community. I've made more than $250,000 in profits and I know there is more to come!"

- JC Lin, Business Owner & Investor

"Thank you for the wonderful programme that has given me the courage and confidence to start my investment! I've benefited from the constant updates after the programme as well. The network is great! I've capitalised on and benefited from the bulk purchase of the 3 properties that I currently co-own!"

- Nadia Kang, Entrepreneur

17 Years Of Making Ordinary Singaporeans Rich

I started the property investment community in 2000 with the aim of helping everyday Singaporeans build a multi-million property portfolio with little to no capital.

This community has empowered the lives of over 3,000 people and counting. You are next!

Become part of Singapore’s largest property investment group so that you will FINALLY become the owner of many many properties and earn HUGE profits!

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Jerome Tan

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