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The Hard Truth Of Why The Gap Between Rich And Poor Is Growing In Singapore

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I Want To Passive Income Too

Why You Need To Know This

It is a truth that Singapore is THE most expensive city in the world. We have held on to this title for many years, winning popular cities like Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Now, there are many ways to look at this.

We can be a typical Singaporean, whining and complaining why our government is making Singapore such an expensive place to live in.


We can find out how the rich Singaporeans become rich, how they grow and compound their wealth, and how we can be like them one day.

As the famous saying goes, the poor complain, the rich compound.

You see, the fact that you are reading this, shows that you are interested to know how to rich become richer in Singapore. And this is what I’m going to share with you today.

Power Of Real Passive Income

If you have read business books, you would have come across the term passive income.

But this term passive income has been abused by many get-rich-quick ‘gurus’, saying it is an income that you generate without doing any work.

Now, as someone who has made over 6 figures from the internet passively, let me define the real meaning of passive income.

Passive Income: You must put in a one-time original effort, and you will keep getting rewarded based on your first time effort.

There are many ways to generate passive income, but let me share with you one low risk, low capital method that I used to generate my passive income (NO, it's not those commonly known methods like property or stocks which require huge capital to start.)

I Want To Passive Income Too

Passive Income through Amazon

Amazon is one of the world’s largest marketplace which sells a wide range of products, and one of the popular items bought by millions of people, is Books.

There are many authors who become millionaires because of their bestselling books.

You may have heard of authors like J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter) and Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code) who collected millions of dollars in passive income via their book royalties every year.

This is also how I create my own passive income stream, by publishing bestselling books on Amazon, collecting book royalties as passive income, month after month.

Just like the amount Amazon sent me for just one of the months below.

And not just me. I’ve also trained people like Eugene who is close to bringing in more than his bank job income.

"After joining the seminar and seeking guidance from Dominic, I published 4 books after implementing what he taught, and I’m proud to say in the next 2-3 months, I’m pretty confident the income from Amazon will surpass the income from day time job in the bank" - Eugene

... and beginners like Kazi who sold almost a thousand copies of his first ebook!

"I published my first ebook in March, and instantly, it became a bestseller. Throughout March to first part of April, I sold hundreds of copies, close to a thousand copies of that book. I’m very happy and excited about it. I don’t think I would be able to do it if I hadn’t done the course with Dominic.” ~Kazi Khurram Ahmed

I Want To Passive Income Too

3 Reasons Why I Love This Passive Income Stream

1. One time effort, Recurring returns

Once I launched and listed my book on Amazon, Amazon will promote and sell my books, every single day. I just need to do publish my book (one time effort), and I can expect recurring sales from Amazon, day after day after day.

No more extra work from me (other than counting the money they send me!)

2. You Can Start With Really Small Capital

Traditional method of creating passive income requires tens of thousands of dollars to start, like stocks and property investing.

But to create passive income via ebook?

Just a few hundred dollars to publish your first ebook, which can potentially bring you extra thousand dollars in passive income a month.

I’ll show you a real-life case study of how an absolute beginner (and "computer dummy") made her first $1,008.50 USD online in her first month, using just 5 hours of her spare time

3. No Limit To Passive Income I Can Earn

If 1 ebook can potentially bring you about $600 passive income monthly…

2 ebooks will bring you $1200 passive income
4 ebooks will bring you $2400 passive income
10 ebooks will bring you $6000 passive income
20 ebooks will bring you $12000 passive income

There’s no limit how much passive income you can create with Amazon ebooks.

Want to earn more, just launch more ebooks on Amazon.

On the other hand, traditional methods like property or stocks require you to put in huge capital again, such as buying your second property, in order to earn additional passive income.

You’re smart, I think you know which is a better, easier, and lower-risk way to grow your passive income.

I Want To Passive Income Too

You Know The Truth Why The Rich Gets Richer. But Are You Ready To Become Richer?

I have said earlier. Many Singaporeans like to complain.

But rich Singaporeans like to compound.

They grow and multiply their wealth by building passive income streams.

And one of the simplest passive income stream to build is an Amazon ebook business, where you launch a book once on Amazon using little capital, and let Amazon do all the selling for you.

Then you launch more and more ebooks, let Amazon sell more ebooks for you, and you grow your passive income further.

I have showed you how the rich become richer.

I’m also the live testimony how i become richer by using what I showed you earlier.

Now, are you ready to learn?



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