Self-Healing Body? This Amazing Technique Reduces Your Aches & Pain Naturally!

Have you experienced pain in your body?

A headache, a stomachache, a backache, a cramp ? the list goes on.

Of course you have – because the pain keeps returning no matter how much your doctor claims to have treated it.

What your doctor didn?t tell you is that he or she can only make your pain disappear temporarily.

There?s no actual cure for pain ? until now.

Healing Through Chi

Today, I want to tell you about the sub-conscious control technique, which allows you to heal yourself simply by redirecting the flow of energy in your body.

But before I get ahead, let me introduce myself and how I came about discovering this miraculous solution.

Hello, I?m Tan Choon Kiang.

I was a financial planner for 22 years and a trainer in money management for 10 years.

Even though I did pretty well financially, my health took a dive. Hence, I began to search for a method that could turn my health around.

I was stunned by what I found. According to one concept, our bodies have the ability to heal themselves.

How is this even possible?

I dug deeper and studied meditation, energy psychology, alternative medicine and anything related to our subconscious in a bid to grasp the concept.

I read books and begged mentors for more information.

In the end, I realised that our bodies have energy flowing through them.

his energy goes by many names: the Chinese calls it ?Qi? or ?Chi?, the Japanese calls it ?Ki?, and the Indians call it ?Prana?.

For centuries, Shaolin monks have been using ‘Chi’ to achieve superhuman feats like bending spears with their throats and smashing stacks of bricks using just their fists.

It was truly remarkable ? yet mysterious all at the same time.

Strengthen our bodies? Yes, but this still doesn?t explain how ‘Chi’ could heal our bodies.

However, one day, I made the discovery of a lifetime. And was I glad I did – because this discovery didn?t just change my life ? it changed the lives of many others as well!

I was studying an ancient Chinese text called ?Huang Di Nei Jing? (this has been the fundamental guiding book for Chinese medicine for about 2,000 years) when I came across the following detail:

Energy flows through us like a stream of water. Sometimes, the stream gets blocked and energy gets cut off from certain parts of our bodies. This is why we get aches and feel pain.

At the time, I had also been researching Applied Kinesiology and its Muscle Strength Testing Technique, which can tell whether your internal organs are functioning well and pinpoint problem areas.

A thought came to my mind.

Why not combine both Western knowledge (Kinesiology) and Eastern wisdom (Huang Di Nei Jing)?

This way, we can identify exactly which parts of our bodies are not doing well and then redirect the flow of energy, or ‘Chi’, to these affected parts!

Wiola! My revolutionary Master Your Mind?technique was born!

Spreading Master Your Mind To The World

I was excited by the possibilities – the good things I could do with this technique.

So I went on a quest to help as many people as I could. The number of people whom I helped grew from dozens to hundreds, then to thousands ? and I?m still helping more people!

This was not a quest I could just give up.

I saw people with all sorts of problems coming to me to be healed.

Those people would come back, take both of my hands and express the most sincere ?Thank You?, often breaking into tears. It?s a heartwarming scene – a scene that tells me I?m doing the right thing.

But I soon realised my limits. Really, how many people could I see and help in a day?

Now, wouldn?t teaching my Master Your Mind technique to others be more beneficial?

In turn, these people can teach other people, and in turn, these other people can teach even more people to improve their health.

I can spread the Master Your Mind technique to the world!

I have taught my technique to people from all over the world, including Singapore, Malaysia and Japan.

Live A Pain-Free Life? Forever! Start Changing Your Life!

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  • Migraine
  • Asthma
  • Constipation
  • Or Stress etc.

Do you want to get rid of these illnesses forever?

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