Singapore Crypto Expert: Don?t Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is one of the hottest trend that?s shaking the world now. Ever since Bitcoin rise from $1000 to $20,000 in 2017, with almost 2000% gain in less than 1 year and becoming the world?s fastest growing asset class, everyone is talking about buying bitcoins.

Bitcoin Is Still Good, But Not The Best

Bitcoin has corrected down to a range of $9,000 to $11,000 and has given an opportunity for many people to get bitcoin as lower price again.

However, Singapore Bitcoin Expert Louie Pinto said Bitcoin is a still a good investment asset, just that it is not the best for him if he is looking for good returns.

?There are many ways to build your wealth with cryptocurrency, and many people who are new to this, simply jump into Bitcoin without any second thoughts. However, seasoned crypto investors like us are investing into other cryptocurrencies which are giving us much higher returns within a shorter period,?

That message was shared by Louie to his fellow investors in GCBA, Global Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Alliance, an organisation he founded with members all over the world coming together to learn about the global financial revolution.

The Magic Is In Altcoins

Louie further shared that he recommends all of his members to look into ?altcoins’, which means ?Alternative Coins?, all other cryptocurrencies other than bitcoins for better investment returns, with bigger potential in the long run.

?Bitcoins might be the most popular cryptocurrency right now, but there are some ?less famous? coins that are backed by real companies with great solutions to solve real world problems. Some of them have grown as high as 400% in just 1 month, and still trading at attractive prices at the moment.?



What Altcoins To Invest?

So the question now is, what are the ?Altcoins? that have great potential that you can invest in right now so you can reap huge returns within the next few months?

There are thousands of altcoins out there, where some are real gems, while some are worthless coins. Buying into the wrong altcoin risk you losing your entire capital.

Get Educated By Real Crypto Expert

Cryptocurrency investing, just like any type of investment, carry risk. But as cryptocurrency is relatively new and a hot topic right now, it is very easy to get emotional and throw your hard-earned money into any coins you ‘feel good’ about, and regret later when your investment go bust.

It is important to get educated, and learn from a real expert who is vested in cryptocurrency and achieving results himself.

To help more Singaporeans get educated about cryptocurrency, Ace Profits Academy has specially invited Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Expert, Louie Pinto, to conduct a Free 3 Hour Session, titled “Crypto Profits Secrets”.

Here’s what you’ll discover in the session:

  • How can you get started with bitcoins (if you really want to get into it), and most importantly, get started with alternative coins in Singapore?
  • The Blockchain technology behind the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency revolution, and how big companies and governments are embracing it.
  • What other ways to profit from cryptocurrencies? There a way you can generate monthly passive income without bothering about coin prices!

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P.S. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are here to stay, regardless if you are interested or not. People who got on in early 2017 have already made huge profits by investing in Bitcoin. You may have missed the boat in Bitcoin, but here’s another great opportunity to invest in ‘Altcoins’.

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