The Solution To Eliminate Your Aches And Pains

You currently are experiencing some pain.

Or know someone experiencing some pain.

Headache. Stomach Ache. Back Ache. Cramps.

The list goes on?

However, one thing is constant.

The pain always seems to return even after you have ?treated? it with medicine.

Isn?t the point of the medicine to cure your pains and prevent it from coming back?

I?m sure you have the same thought, but what choice do we have? We either just endure the pain or see a doctor for a temporary relief.

Now, what if I told you that there is a way to solve this problem, a way to eliminate?your aches and pains and prevent them from returning. Would you be interested?

Hi, I?m Tan Choon Kiang. I was born in a small village in Kemaman, in the East Coast of Malaysia. I?m the 11th child in a family of 13. We weren?t very well off and life was tough growing up.

I have been a financial planner?for 22 years and a trainer in money management for 10 years. I?m doing pretty well financially but not so for my health.

Therefore, I began a search to turn my health back around.

I once heard that the body has the ability to heal itself. This was an interesting concept so I studied meditation, energy psychology, alternative medicine and anything regarding the subconscious. I read books and found mentors, trying to gather more information about this field.

What I found was that our bodies have energy flowing through it.

This energy has many names.

The Chinese calls it ?Chi?. The Indians call it ?Prana?. The Japanese calls it ?Ki?.

I researched deeply into this mysterious energy. What I found astonished me. I found out that Shaolin monks uses?’Chi’ to do superhuman things like bending a spear using their throat or smashing stacks of bricks using their bare hands. The more I researched, the more I was curious about ‘Chi’.

One day, I made the discovery of a lifetime. This discovery changed not only my life but many others as well.

I was studying an ancient Chinese text called ?Huang Di Nei Jing? and discovered an amazing fact. (This has been a fundamental guiding book for Chinese medicine for about two thousand years.)

Energy flows through us like a stream of water. Sometimes, the stream gets blocked and it cuts off this energy to certain parts of our bodies. This is why we get aches, pains and other problems.

I had also been researching on Applied Kinesiology and its Muscle Strength Testing Technique. (This technique can locate whether your internal organs are functioning well and pinpoint the location of problem areas.)

Then a thought came to my mind.

?Why not combine both the Western knowledge (Kinesiology) and the Eastern wisdom(Huang Di Nei Jing)??

So I began experimenting, trying to combine both together. After some time, I created my revolutionary Master Your Mind technique.

The Spread Of Health

This discovery excited me greatly. Imagine how many lives I could change.

So I went on my quest to help as many people as I can with this new technique I discovered. The number of people I have helped grew from just myself to tens, hundreds and thousands of people. And that number is still growing!

I?m glad that managed to discover this technique. I would see people with all sorts of different problems coming to me to be healed.

Those people would come back, take both of my hands and give the most sincere ?Thank You? I have ever seen, often times almost break into tears. It?s one of the most heartwarming scenes. It?s these kinds of things that make me feel that I?m doing the right thing.

After doing this for a while, I realised that what I am doing has a very small reach. I mean, how many people can I help in a day?

Suddenly, I had a thought.

Wouldn?t teaching this technique to other people be more beneficial to them?

Therefore, I started to teach people this technique so that they too can help other people improve their health.

I started out with just one class in Malaysia. The response was so good that the seats to the session were filled shortly after releasing it to the public.

Soon, I opened more sessions to meet the demand. However, to our surprise, the seats kept filling up really fast. We will always receive many emails asking us why the seats were taken up so fast. We can?t control that. The demand is that high.

Now, we are not only in Malaysia but also Japan. In fact, we are growing so fast that in Japan that they created an association just for us to spread our teaching. It?s called ?The Qi-Alignment Association of Japan?.

The Revolutionary Technique That Can Improve Your Health In As Little as 2 Hours

My Dear Singaporeans,

Do you have the following symptoms?

– Stress
-Headache ?and other aches and pains

Do you know someone who has those symptoms?

Do you want to have a much better health?

If so, you are about to experience a radical shift in your health, a shift towards great health.

Because we are coming to Singapore!

There will also be a live demonstration where I will perform my technique on some volunteers.
We usually charge for our sessions but because this is the first time we are having this in Singapore, we have decided to make this session FREE.

Click on the button below to find out more about this FREE?workshop:

This is my only session for Singapore for this year. My schedule is filled with sessions in Malaysia and Japan. So if you would like to get healed by me, know how you can improve your health and also want to improve your loved one’s health, you would want to hurry and save your seat for the session now!

From our experience of the previous sessions, all the seats are filled within literally hours of opening them to the public. I?m not trying to scare you. I?m merely stating facts. Each session only allows us to hold 30 people. That?s it! That?s the max capacity the venue allows.

We always have a lot of people emailing us telling us how they really need to attend this session because of the symptoms they are having. Unfortunately, once those 30 seats are gone, you would have to wait for the next session, which could be months from now.

The next session might very well be in Malaysia or Japan. This is a rare chance for you to experience it. I do not want you to miss out on this amazing opportunity. Register to save your seat now.